Life Just Is

Life Just Is

Pete, Tom, Claire and Jay are university graduates having trouble making the move into adult life. Beneath the hanging out and the daily routines simmers Pete's desire to find a spiritual answer to life's meaning, Jay's desperate need not to get hurt again, and Tom and Claire's ever increasing mutual attraction.

Pete, Tom, Claire and Jay are university graduates having trouble making the move into adult life. Beneath the hanging out and the daily routines simmers Pete's desire to find a spiritual ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Quim B (ag) wrote: Es un gran ejemplo de cine por amor... sin falta de pretensiones y buscando una realidad. Unas escenas que nos podrian passar al lado de casa... una belleza.

Zack B (ca) wrote: Mike Leigh is simply one of the greatest humanist directors, which is to say that he so thoroughly expresses and conveys the motivations and the feelings of his characters that we feel inclined to examine them, the result being a closer examination of ourselves. This is because Leigh is so in tune with human nature, customs, mannerisms, and emotions. It's incredible really, and Vera Drake is yet another film where he exposes us to the everyday life of one character whose routine is soon to be turned upside-down.

Emmie B (au) wrote: wow this movie makes you look at life, doesn't it?

Francisco S (gb) wrote: Perhaps unpredictable, and with great visuals, but this unfunny bad-acted movie doesn't satisfy or entertain, and for those who love Meryl Streep please don't watch, or will be disappointed with her silly figure.

David P (mx) wrote: Bill Cosby at his finest. It's too bad he only made one other comedy movie like this.

Jeff B (nl) wrote: Rather simple Western with obvious 3D effects (now missing).

Ed C (it) wrote: One line summary: Sour romantic relationships end badly.Three stars of five. Lukewarm all the way.----------------------------------- An American film set in London, UK. The film starts at a police station where a pregnant detective reviews what went bad at a party. During the interrogations there are many flashbacks. On New Year's Eve, there's a party at a flat in London after some time at a public house. Attendees are: Dennis (soccer, very successful), Billy (soccer, team mate of Dennis, not as successful), Tanya (a waitress), Mike and Katie (American students), Kim and Brenda (friends traveling together), and Missy Dembree (an American studying in London). Early on, we see that Missy did not survive the New Year's Eve game, which was a variation on Truth or Dare. They start with ritual bloodletting (a drop or two), followed by a second ritual of smoking recreational illegal drugs. At this stage, the director has advised me of context, but my probability of liking the film is about 10%. Idiots on drugs and booze, doing Truth or Dare, a version with no prizes, but only penalties? can this turn out well? Which characters should I find engaging? Next stop, breaking and entering plus burglary; they film it for the sake of the party. Hardly worth the downside risk. That is where Missy gets shot. More flashbacks. Mike knew Missy in LA, then Missy became attached to Dennis. More of the Truth or Dare. Still more flash backs, with a touch more clarity. Mike loves Missy, Missy loves Dennis, Dennis has left Missy and is engaged to Casey. Missy cannot take this. Mike is discouraged. The Detective has all sorts of motivations for someone causing Missy's death, and different accounts of how it happened. The interrogation-flashback-interrogation cycles continue. The detective finds more nooks and crannies of motivation and fact. How many go to jail? Does anyone get away without charges?-------Scores--------Cinematography: 7/10 Terrible in the introductory music video; hand-held nonsense. Otherwise competent.Sound: 7/10 OK, though the incidental music seems to just fill time when nothing is happening onscreen.Acting: 5/10 No one was particularly good or bad. All of them portray knee-jerk followers of modern conventions for wastrels with money. If you are looking for a study in drug-using herd animals, here it is. Matt Lanter had the most screen time and the greatest number of lines; fortunately, he was almost competent.Screenplay: 5/10 There are zero characters to root for, zero to despise, zero to embrace. The level of choppiness is too high. Linear exposition would have been more effective.

Greg W (gb) wrote: well crafted bio-pic of sorts