Life's an Itch

Life's an Itch

A married man reaches the point where he questions everything: career, creativity and even his marriage. Hilarious complications and temptations arise when his wife invites her open-minded (and very sexy) yoga instructor to stay in the guest house while she’s away on vacation with the kids.

The last thing Roger Wright needed was a Yoga teacher showing up on his doorstep. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darwin A (kr) wrote: fresh story ! not just scares people but it has a heart ! very filipino!!

Alberto A (gb) wrote: Barbara Sukowa masterfully plays Hannah Arendt: a Jewish philosopher who was sent to Israel by The New Yorker to cover Adolf Eichmann's trial. She was quite controversial for giving a rational response to Eichmann's actions, instead of the sentimental-manipulative response everyone expected. An interest biopic that is worth watching.

Gavin P (ag) wrote: Decent story - Luthor as President, trying to frame Superman - but it's definitely a kids movie, as it's pretty much just Batman & Superman fighting good superheroes & supervillians and then an asteroid!

Roberto A (es) wrote: Superficial history of mussolini, but a great photography save, a visual poetry here and great actors performances.

Borhan K (ag) wrote: A very interesting concept for a movie but i really found this slow i was falling a sleep while watching this film. What i loved about it was the idea of what else we could achieve with our minds if only we only user less than 5% what else is possible :)

Michael H (ag) wrote: Tells the story of three sisters fighting for freedom.

Bass 9 (mx) wrote: Good concept, but I find it hard to believe that a kid who lives in suburbia has a secret radio station in his basement, and his parents don't notice it.

Grant S (br) wrote: Unscrupulous, selfish, smooth-talking LA car dealer Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise) is informed that his estranged father has just died. He travels to Cincinnati for the will reading but is disappointed when he receives hardly anything out of it, the bulk going to an unnamed trustee. He does some investigating and discovers that the money is going to a mental institution. At the institution he finds his older brother, Raymond (Dustin Hoffman), a brother he never knew he had. While Charlie's intentions are initially selfish, as he views Raymond purely as a meal ticket and irritation, over time his attitude, and outlook, change.A wonderfully emotional journey. The transformation of Charlie, the way the two brothers grow closer to each other, the adventures and the humour make this a sweet, engaging story. Throw in the excellent performance of Dustin Hoffman (for which he received an Oscar) and you have a movie well worth watching.While he didn't get an Oscar nomination, Tom Cruise does well as Charlie. He is playing to his strength, playing a brash, energetic young man but his character here is multi-dimensional and not the average action role.Won the 1989 Best Picture Oscar.

Erik G (jp) wrote: Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger had one of the greatest runs in film history from 1941 to 1951 that included some of the greatest films of all time: The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, I Know Where I'm Going!, A Matter of Life and Death, Black Narcissus, and The Tales of Hoffman. However in 1955, they did Oh Rosalinda!, an adaptation of Die Fledermaus that is bafflingly awful when you consider what came before. They never really recovered. This is one of the post-Rosalinda films, a pretty routine movie about the 1939 battle between the German Graf Spee and three much smaller British ships. Seeing this and their final collaboration, Ill Met by Moonlight, you would never think that Powell and Pressburger just a few years before had pushed cinema to its operatic, surrealistic limit.

Les E (gb) wrote: Great performance by Davis and Bogart chips in well. Interesting to see Reagan but he was awful. The story excellent and although melodramatic in parts it was never corny.

Chris B (de) wrote: Battleship Potemkin (1925) is a silent film that is often considered one of the most influential propaganda films as well as one of the greatest films of all time. The film is a Russian revolutionary propaganda film and involves sailors, who are treated subhuman, causing them to mutiny and stand up to their inhumane circumstances. The crew must endure many hardships in their struggle for fair treatment and go on to inspire countless others to stand up to the oppressive ways of the ruling government. The film's Director, Sergei Eisenstein, used the film as an experiment in his theories of montage and it is used in several different ways throughout the films five segments. While Eisenstein certainly isn't the only Director to use montage in his films, the emotional impact felt from these sequences are truly timeless and hugely influential. I have seen many propaganda films in my lifetime but Battleship Potemkin remains with me as such a powerful and inspiring piece of the genre in its strong and powerful message. Much of the flow and feel of the film is reminiscence of the propaganda genre but the original use of montage is on display in the film and while elaborated on in later films, is the most pivotal in Battleship Potemkin. At times the film may come off to some as preachy or very direct but in terms of propaganda films it gets the message across with set pieces that are edited together using montage to great effect, both visually and emotionally. As a propaganda film it uses the plea to basic human rights and liberties to show the audience its message in a very real way. At the core of every propaganda film is a desire to express a message and to portray it in such a way as to inspire those that stand for the cause and convince or plea to the hearts of those that don't yet. The emotional pull touches each and every viewer with its depiction of innocence and fairness being taken away from the citizens and even military personnel. The film does a very good job of balancing the message of the film with just letting the events play out and the viewer making a decision on the matter themselves. Battleship Potemkin is one of the greatest films and remains such nearly ninety years later due to its wonderful balance and dramatic use of montage by the films gifted Director. To truly appreciate it's brilliance you have to view the film and make your own analysis of the message and the film lets you do this without prompting you with bias agendas. What an amazing feat for cinema in 1925 and is still today considered an essential piece of film history. Truly shocking and graphic for the day, the film is filled with tense and gripping imagery and a score that follows closely to really build the tension. The red flag, which was hand colored onto the original negative was an amazing symbolic image that really added something special to the film and it's message! Highly Recommended if you are into film and want to know one of the most influential and loved films of all time!

Alice S (gb) wrote: This romantic comedy classic changed games and defied genre conventions with its non-sequential narrative, anhedonic witticisms, metatheatrical antics, and pragmatic ode to human relationships. I don't really think the titular character is as ditzy as she's always described in synopses, nor do I think Diane Keaton's satisfactory performance was Oscar-worthy, but as a whole, "Annie Hall" is simply one of the best.