Life's Just Great

Life's Just Great


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:1967
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Life's Just Great torrent reviews

Matthys L (de) wrote: Boring, predictable plot. Would not waste my time with this if I were you.

Indu R (fr) wrote: A good movie. Good action and good suspense. A typical revenge plot.

Jouni K (ca) wrote: Like Bold and the Beautiful but in Ninja world.

Gregory T (jp) wrote: i watched it and i loved it. by far the best animes in my book

Drwho G (es) wrote: This is well worth seeing and is the best of the 3 movies. Good goofy comedy.

Lui D (es) wrote: Unnecessarily over the top on many things. Not my bag.

honey a (jp) wrote: Lovely MuVEE...APUN BOOLAH tU mErE LAiLA!!!

Sean W (ru) wrote: hahaha how i luv how the british is potrayed in obscurity

Alex C (gb) wrote: Cute! I love the main character's Bubbe. She's far and away the best part of the film.

Calvin C (au) wrote: I didn't like Glenn Ford's character and it is hard to believe that a beautiful woman like Gilda would fall and stay in love with him the whole movie. It is really about Rita Hayworth who just steals the camera. I can see why so many men at the time and now instantly fall for her.Grade: B+

Phil P (it) wrote: "I got someone better!".Seemingly based on the 'Arkham' series of Batman games (I'd argue the best series of Batman available) 'Assault On Arkham' has Batman plastered over the poster, in the title but in reality this is a suicide Squad film. A tactical move to get more people to watch it? definitely. But those wanting a Batman tale will be disappointed, and while that's what I thought I was getting I still enjoyed it.It's a nice taster for the Suicide Squad movie next year and while it's not the same team of super-villains the dynamic (I'd imagine) will be similar. After losing 'The Riddler' to 'Batman', 'Amanda Waller' has a bunch of super-villains kidnapped and force-ably enlisted in a group called 'The Suicide Squad'. Named so as 'Amanda' sees them as dispensable, low lives and can at any point decide to explode their heads. All to retrieve a USB drive from The Riddler's Cain and something a little more dangerous. And yep it's in Arkham, hence the name!. It's a simple story they go in they get the Cain and leave. But it's the squabbling, the different dynamics between the characters that make it worth it. 'Deadshot' takes the leader role, 'Captain Boomerang' is constantly trying to undermine him, 'Harley' is just having fun etc..The cast is of villains is carefully chosen and even though iv'e only heard of the two of them it does a good job of getting a feel for them. Of course nothing in Arkham would be complete without the Joker or a jail escape. It interestingly changes the 'Harley/Joker' dynamic slightly with 'Joker' being harsher and more violent than usual and 'Harley' having a love/hate relationship with him. 'Batman' makes an appearance but is largely in the shadows only showing up to mix things up. When everything is in Arkham it goes a nice pace and feels like a crime caper but the lead up is a little slow and it's ending isn't a particularly great one - it's commitment to killing off characters is admirable (as this is definitely not for kids). After the weak(ish) character design of 'The Dark Knight Returns', 'Assault On Arkham' is more up my street. The characters all stand out from each other and the animation is slick and energetic. Particular highlights being a stylish fight between the squad and 'Batman' and a colourful and busy prison escape.'Assault On Arkham' is a little different to what we usually get from 'Batman' it's less a methodical story and more of a simple one with contrasting characters. I may not know who most of the Suicide Squad are but their infighting and personalties are what keep the film alive. It's also nice to see the 'Arkham' series of games (based on my personal favourite Batman Comic Book 'Arkham Asylum') universe being kept alive and hope we get more out of it. Preferably a Batman' focused one next time.

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