After her mom's death, Casey pulls away from everyone in her life, including her emotionally distant dad. With help from a magic spell, she tries to bring her mother back from the dead; instead, Casey's words accidentally awaken one of her least favorite toys: a statuesque Barbie clone named Eve. Things get worse when Casey's dad develops a crush on his daughter's living doll.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:101 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:surrealism,   magic,   grief,  

Unhappy and lonely after her mother's death, Casey attempts to resurrect her mother, but a minor mishap changes the results of her spell and accidentally brings her doll to life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Life-Size torrent reviews

Tim C (de) wrote: Solid film, Wiig shows she can do more than make you laugh.

Anne B (ag) wrote: One of the best documentaries of the year.

Diego Martn (it) wrote: la peli es media rara,pero se deja ver.

Jordan W (ca) wrote: A young girl with a mental illness of hearing voices in her head and doesn't get help and is sent off to camp meeting Uncle Ruckus & his son at a farm and fighting with this whore. Couldn't get to the end stopped watching

Jason D (br) wrote: I'm happy to see this film finally reach DVD after being shelved for FAR too long. Home Sick revolves around a group of friends who are hanging out one night, but are visited by the mysterious, smiling Mr. Suitcase (Bill Moseley being fucking terrific as usual) with a suitcase full of razorblades. He asks each and every person to tell them someone they hate, while slicing himself after each one says a name. Unfortunately, one member says he hated everyone in the room with him. This is unfortunate because everyone that was named is now being viciously murdered by a masked monster dressed in all black. Aside from this very original and fun story, not to mention the awesome appearance by Moseley, viewers are entertained with buckets of blood and sweet gore effects, not to mention the beautiful Tiffany Shepis and her immaculately naked body, and the great Tim Towles (Henry, House of 1000 Corpses) as Uncle Johnny, a crazed militia man! Yeah, the budget is a bit low and there are a few moments of bad acting, but this has "Cult" written all over it. Lots of funny moments, as well as creepy. Totally original film that is completely mad. I cannot wait to see what these filmmakers try and do next.

Robert B (es) wrote: Before Night Falls (Julian Schnabel, 2000)[originally posted 19Feb2001][ed. note 2013: I originally saw the film a week or so after it was released. I had no words; I posted a two- or three-sentence review to Amazon. I wrote this over a year later; by that time, I'd watched it at least fifty times, including three times in a row when IFC played it for six hours back to back the night they premiered it. In that initial Amazon review I called it maybe the best movie ever made; thirteen years and change later, as of this writing, it is still #1 on my thousand best movies list; only a single movie,Hotaru no Haka, has ever even come close to dethroning it.]Usually, I give a film five stars when it contains no flaws at all, when it's so unerringly perfect that it's impossible not to like. This time, I give a film five stars (the twenty-third film ever to get five stars, for those who are counting) despite flaws. Before Night Falls is that good.Before Night Falls is based on the memoir of the same name by Cuban author Reynaldo Arenas, who ran away from home as an adolescent to join the rebel armies moving against Batista in 1958. Shortly thereafter, Castro came into power, and as Arenas grew up and became a writer, he was soon made to realize that there was no place for him in the world he'd helped to set up.Javier Bardem, who plays Arenas from the writer's early twenties until his death in 1990, is a revelation. Best Actor isn't good enough to recognize and celebrate Bardem's complex and wrenching performance. He and Schnabel have the same understanding of Arenas' story, and the same desire in presenting it. While Schnabel contrasts the sere beauty of the Cuban landscape (and the even more sere beauty Arenas tries to evoke from the ugliness of New York City later in life), Bardem constantly reminds us that Arenas' life wasn't only about being oppressed, but about the simple joys of quotidian life in Cuba. The contrasts inherent in the film make the inevitable twists of the knife just a bit harder to take each time, and the cumulative effect is devastating.There are some difficulties with the film. Many of the accents fade in and out of recognizability, to the point where the average American viewer will probably not understand what's being said in a few places, especially early on in the film. The general bent of what's being said is never lost, however. The pacing is inconsistent, as well, and the film drags ever so slightly in a couple of places. Both of these problems are forgivable within the greater framework, as Schnabel, first-time scriptwriter Cunningham O'Keefe, and Bardem come together with a spectacular ensemble cast (highlighted by Johnny Depp, once again showing up for less than five minutes in a film, this time in a double role) to create not only the best film of the year by far, but a film that, if there is any justice in the world, is destined to be remembered as one of the finest pieces of cinematic work ever committed to film. Finds a place very high up on the 100 Best list-perhaps at the top. *****

Alexander C (ag) wrote: Would like to see at some stage.

Nicholas W (jp) wrote: the original Pinocchio

Jamey P (br) wrote: Stop motion animation movie that's probably too scary for some of its target demographic. It's highly stylized and done very well. My family enjoyed it despite some of the adult themes but if my kids were younger I might want to see it first before showing it to them.

M C (au) wrote: Good solid movie. Congrats Chris! (Venice never looked so good.) I just wished it had more of a twist or more eccentricity or pathos as the Greeks called it. Good to see Don alive n kicking (his shirt).