Life Stinks

Life Stinks

A rich businessman makes a bet he can survive on the streets of a rough Los Angeles neighborhood for 30 days completely penniless. During his stay he discovers another side of life and falls in love with with a homeless woman.

Affluent and arrogant businessman bets a corporate rival that he has the wits and street smarts to live penniless and anonymous on the rough streets of Los Angeles for 30 days, which proves to be tougher than he thought. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Francisco G (kr) wrote: Obnoxious, pretentious beyond belief, annoying, loud: it uses violence and sexploitation the way it should never be used. There's absolutly no point to it other than to make you sick and even at that it fails miserably. Hoping the guy who made this will stay away from a movie camera for good.

Kade C (fr) wrote: A terrifying different take on a monster movie, Cloverfield is a non-stop thriller and one of be better "found footage" movies. All the creature designs were very original and terrifying, and look pretty good for a film of this nature. My only large complaint with the film was T.J. Miller's comic relief, while it was welcome at moments so the film isn't entirely depressing, for some instances was highly inappropriate. Other than that it's a fine film with great performances and drama that many horror/thriller movies do not have.

Bill R (au) wrote: Martial arts are definitely not for everyone. This was a bit flashy for a normal martial arts film in my opinion but it worked for the film. Had a pod mixture of action and drama thrown together where it wasn't too cheesy. I can also see this was the start of donnie also for the fact he was the star and his abilities are shown quite a bit.

Daniel L (ru) wrote: really clever and funny.

Leena L (nl) wrote: Yvan Attal. Long time no seen. Somehow less annoying this time. Sophie Marceau, what to say? This film was the original to the Tourist's remake with A. Jolie and J.Depp. This original was way better, in many many ways. Actually a serious thriller, unlike the remake.

Madeline M (fr) wrote: I know Luke Kirby from Slings & Arrows and wanted to see him in another role. He's pretty adorable, but the movie basically sucks. Two stars for adorability!

Augustine H (ag) wrote: A profound exploration of Jewish identity and origins of Antisemitism. The film is highly disturbing thanks to Ryan Gosling's excellent performance.

Yuri B (it) wrote: Just an amazing movie... really felt this film on an emotional level.

Filipe C (nl) wrote: Martin Ritt's docu-drama touch had worked wonders for the spy genre with his impeccable (and nihilist) Carr adaptation. In Norma Rae, his camerawork and vision gains an inspiring dimension that allowed Sally Field to deliver one of the finest performances in the history of Hollywood.

Stephanie P (br) wrote: Miss Moffat is a great character. Bette plays her well.

Ugly T (it) wrote: mmm...i don't know it...i'm a fan of Frankie movies...maybe it sucks but who knows?

WakeWRC89 (ca) wrote: Connery back at his best again for this 3rd instalment. Brilliant theme to start it off one of my favourites. Nice girls, Nice suits the grey 3 piece being an absolute must have so stylish. And some very funny characters goldfinger and oddjob make this enjoyable for all the family. Bond at his best even more so in Blu Ray for the first time.

James H (es) wrote: An incredible classic, what great performances, especially by Robert Montgomery, the writing is awesome, among the best ever, what a supporting cast! The Warren Beatty remake can't compare. A must see for any movie lover.

Ted W (nl) wrote: This is basically Orson Welles if you had invited him over for dinner. After watching this twice, I'm still amazed at how Welles is a 1) a master storyteller 2) a master magician and 3) an accomplished liar. The movie, albeit about forgers and frauds, is all Welles.

Justin B (gb) wrote: Its b movie budgetary restrictions keep it from truly succeeding but it's an underrated under seen little gem that makes great use of its creepy villains and nightmare logics.

Christopher S (jp) wrote: An earnest attempt at a Scorsese-esque New York street drama, but one I just couldn't connect with. Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts are both fine actors, but their characters here are so shrill and obnoxious they border on caricature. Not a terrible film, technically, but this fatal flaw makes the film as a whole uninvolving and often annoying more than anything.

Eric O (es) wrote: i admit to my fascination of the subject material probably influencing my overall enjoyment of this movie, but that said, i loved it!