Life Track

Life Track

A story about the relationships between the disabled man Xiangshu and a deaf-mute girl on the run from the police who takes refuge on his land.

A story about the relationships between the disabled man Xiangshu and a deaf-mute girl on the run from the police who takes refuge on his land. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Life Track torrent reviews

Wes L (ag) wrote: A cross between "Stand By Me" and "The Wall." One of those movies you won't really remember specifics about, but you'll remember you liked it. I definitely liked it.

Michael H (kr) wrote: A beautiful stalker romance.

Danielle A (fr) wrote: Enjoyable film. By no means great, but fun nonetheless.

Toni I (de) wrote: didn't even know this

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Heather R (ag) wrote: Larry Fessenden is one of the most oddly overrated people making movies today.

Wesley W (ru) wrote: A horrible piece of filmmaking.

Ben R (us) wrote: Somewhat entertaining in an early 80s cannon films sorta way. This is like sorta like an excuse for the main character to stroke his ego as a ladies man, while playing the role of a cocky know it all boxer. If you can pick it up for a dollar like I did...its worth just about that.

Lee M (kr) wrote: Demme doesn't add many visual flourishes, outside of his generous use of close-ups, but rather allows Ibsen's sharp-tongued dialogue to take center stage in a film that rewards patience.

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