Life with Father

Life with Father

In late nineteenth century New York a Wall Street broker likes to think his house runs his way, but finds himself constantly bemused at how much of what happens is down to his wife. His children are also stretching their wings, discovering girls and making money out of patent medicine selling. When it comes to light he has never been baptized and everyone starts insisting he must do so, it all starts to get a bit too much.

A financier from New York rules his numerous family, consisting of his wife and his four sons, with the meticulousity of a bookkeeper. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alistair L (nl) wrote: Really enjoyable documentary, lots of laughs, some great music and a good story

John B (kr) wrote: Not really erotic nor comedy. In fact it left me slightly depressed that 2 people who clearly gelled could walk away without a backward glance - or did I not understand the very last few seconds?

Kristian P (ag) wrote: right title, wrong movie, fuck you.

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Ryan V (ru) wrote: Likable enough, but rather forgettable.

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Andy G (it) wrote: the fact that he talked to the camera and what was happening around him and he still was thinking about girls just funny

Charles P (ru) wrote: Mr. Burnett's compassion as a neorealist director, as well as his gifts as a storyteller, give an almost unrecognizable style to this humorous, unhappy, thoughtful depiction of lower-class living.

Bill T (kr) wrote: Dracula meets Kung Fu! Silly end to the Hammer Dracula franchise, but so silly it becomes enjoyable. Dracula imports (don't ask) himself to somewhere in Asia, where he and his fellow vampires torment a village. One of the villagers recruits Van Helsing (Peter Cushing) to help fight them, and of they go! Of course, Cushing doesn't fight, he just looks at other people fighting. The make up is terrible, but the fighting is not. See? Sounds good already.

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