Life with Mikey

Life with Mikey

Michael Chapman was once a child TV star. But when he grew up, he couldn't get work. So he and his brother, Ed start their own talent agency that specializes in child acts. They can't seem ...

Michael J. Fox stars as a child actor who has grown up, and grown out of his popularity. He now runs a talent agency with his brother, specializing in child acts, trying to discover the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joel H (mx) wrote: As a white male, Good Hair is a very educational experience. I had no idea some of these products and procedures existed. That being said, this documentary has a very bland feel to it. Chris Rock sleepwalks through his hosting gig and this film focuses too much on the hair styling convention. I feel like this movie could have been much better.

Randy P (jp) wrote: The pair team up again, and as always are comical. But something about this felt downsized by the script, and gags that seem rather okay. Just okay.

Toms T (au) wrote: Slow, contemplating music video for some of Eliott Smith's touching songs. But, when speaking seriously, this is a brave step to affirm the unstableness of faith and life surrounding us. The story gives us a promise, that you can get further from catastrophe once happened with you and/or with others. Superb colour emotions, though the camerawork is too 'dogma' for the slow, patient movment of this movie

Jordan K (us) wrote: A hilarious cult classic with such a fresh and original plotline, Be Kind Rewind deserves more attention than it has.Jerry and Mike are two video store workers who make their own homemade renditions of classic films when the VHS tapes go blank. Their DIY movies become a local hit and they run a successful business of cheesy homemade movies, but the clichd trouble of saving the moving video store runs into the plotline.Be Kind Rewind is a cult classic and, like I said, has a creative and original plotline for most movies. It seems almost like the basis of a YouTube series, but works its way in well to make a feature length film full of cardboard produced movies on the streets of Harlem. Mos Def and Jack Black are superb in this movie and the acting, writing, and story are all spot on. Definitely check this one out when you can, you won't regret it.

Kevin E (br) wrote: the only movie to ever justify 'it was all just a dream'.... despite its low budget, it still shows that Higuchinsky is a talent. Why doesn't he make more movies?

Rolando A (es) wrote: Increblemente cabrona!!!!!

Vereshchagina E (au) wrote: Very impressive talks about life, search of truth and many more

WA B (gb) wrote: This has to be one of the most underated films ever made I mean look at the flixter ratings! That is just a bit harsh I must say I think that it is the best Arthur film around, the story I thought was quite good along with the acting just a really good follow up film all around, I like that it was not one of those follow up's were they put in new actors and actress I do not think that it would have been as good if they had done that, all around this is a great film! That I do suggest!

Jonathan T (gb) wrote: Inconceivably cheesy 70s TV movie-- one of my favorite genres-- you will howl with laughter when you see the "creature's" face appear toward the end of the movie!

sue (it) wrote: a enjoyable film but with sad end

Khaled M (br) wrote: if I can remember who recommended this thing for me , God have mercy on his soul.

James H (gb) wrote: 4.5/10. Better than average hercules film. Poorly dubbed, but it looks better than most of the films of this nature at the time. As expected, badly acted. Fairly entertaining but it's still on the stupid side.

Carlos M (au) wrote: To make it clear: propaganda is not documentary; that said, however dull it may be, this film is a remarkable piece of monstrous propaganda that should be regarded today as a history lesson and as an insightful documentary about the power of propaganda on the weak-minded.

Timothy J (au) wrote: Da Niro and Crystal a pretty good pair in this film. Although I.thought it started out better than it finished.

Joanne L (gb) wrote: The 0.5 star is for comedic value.