Life Without Dick

Life Without Dick

By accident, Colleen Gibson shoots and kills her gold-digging cheating boyfriend, Dick, a private eye who happens to have a hitman on his tail. Danny the hitman works for his brother-in-law, a cheerful but nasty Irish mobster, hasn't actually killed anyone, and wants to be a singer. He falls for Colleen. she likes him, too. He can solve her problem (Dick's body), she can solve his (meeting the mobster's demands that he kill people like Dick). Danny has an ex-girlfriend, who might still hold the key to his heart, two cops are sniffing around for Dick, a junk yard owner gets a conscience, and a talent show is coming up. Bullets, music, and true love are set to collide.

By accident, Colleen Gibson shoots and kills her gold-digging cheating boyfriend, Dick, a private eye who happens to have a hitman on his tail. Danny the hitman works for his brother-in-law... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karl G (es) wrote: What a load of bo****ks!

Trisha R (ru) wrote: A very peculiar film, The Riddle started off kind of slowly, continued on... slowly... and got a little more exciting at the end-- but not much. I was invested in the characters, however, so I watched to see how the story played out. Not a bad film, but I figured out the mystery well before the climax.

Eric H (jp) wrote: "Focus" tells of a bland and nonconfrontational man (Macy) who buys a pair of eye glasses which make him look Jewish after which be becomes the object of antisemitic hostility, etc, blaa, blaa. A kind of lame attempt at revealing antisemitism in America during WWII, the film features solid performances by Macy and Dern though no chemistry exists between them...or anywhere else in the film. Generic, staged, and pale in comparison to many better films about hatred in American, "Focus" is marginal entertainment at best and a very meager history lesson. Passable stuff.

Shadow L (ru) wrote: On rewatching, this movie is better. Well acted and it captures the book it is based off of well. Winslet is always so fresh, beautiful, and talented...even in a movie this far back in years. It's a movie that very much captures a period of time and the society behind it. A very well put toegther film.

Avenger A (us) wrote: Questo film ha delle premesse geniali ed una conclusione pi che soddisfacente. Il problema che nel mezzo abbastanza deludente x((

Richard D (ca) wrote: A master of monkey-style kung fu is framed and blackmailed by an evil dude. His sister becomes an indentured servant and his hands are crippled in payment for his supposed crimes. Years later, he's a street performer with a trained monkey. He befriends a petty thief named "Monkey" ... who acts like a monkey. They run afoul of crooked tax collectors, and he trains Monkey in monkey-style kung fu. Naturally, the man behind the tax collectors is the man who framed him. The film kind of drags in the middle, but starts and finishes with bravura comedic kung fu sequences. Well worth a watch for Shaw Brothers fans.

Bruce B (ru) wrote: Not sure what category to put this one in I got it from a list of 1965 Italian Movies, but it is also on the fringe of Euro spy Movies. Some put it in the science Fiction Category because its supposed to be in the future, being back in 65, would make now the future. Anyway its about people who join a hunt club, you have 10 hunts and you hunt humans one time your the hunter next your the victim. Ursula Andress is the Hunter, and for a 1965 movie she is wearing some beautiful dresses. If you like Italian made films and slap stick you will enjoy this one 4 stars.

Bill J (nl) wrote: Pretty cool for its time. super cool space suits.

Tuukka P (mx) wrote: Tony Scott put his new found visua style from Man on Fire in to overdrive and brought us a "based on real life...Sort of" story about a female bounty hunter Domino Harvey. The story (and movie) are too long and the visual mix gets old adter a while (and even makes it difficult to follow the "who did what" aspects of the story). Action thriller on acid.

Jamie I (ca) wrote: Lets get one thing very clear here; Andy Samberg is really funny. If you've ever seen "SNL" I'm sure you know this. "Dick in a Box" ring a bell? Hot Rod is good for laughs. If you've seen Footloose you have to see Hot Rod. Some "SNL" folks pop up here as well as Will Arnett (can't pass him up). Arnett plays the huge asshole boyfriend to Rod's love interest. You love to hate him. My favorite part was without a second thought the whiskey scene (just watch the first bit before he rolls down the hill). I totally laughed watching it again! It was made into a rap song for the soundtrack. I listened to it, quite nice. Speaking of the soundtrack I'm putting it down as a must have. In addition to 80s favorites by Moving Pictures, Cutting Crew, Stacey Q and Europe there's also a bit o' dialogue. I totally recommend both the flick and the soundtrack.

Brandon E (nl) wrote: I grew up watching this movie. Of course its dumb but its a good movie. But I love it.

Zach T (nl) wrote: Perfect for old and new fans alike :)

Michael C (mx) wrote: This movie was awful, but so laughable at times I'd be lying to say it didn't have some humorous value. The scene with the woman being dragged to her doom by a bedsheet protruding from the bed, and the gentleman who has his hands chewed into pristine, clean, non-bloody skeleton hands is a hoot.