The first interplanetary cruise ship malfunctions halfway to Jupiter, forcing most of the crew and passengers to abandon ship. A handful of people are trapped onboard.

The first interplanetary cruise ship malfunctions halfway to Jupiter, forcing most of the crew and passengers to abandon ship. A handful of people are trapped onboard. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ash S (ru) wrote: This is one of the worst movies I've seen in my entire life.

Pam G (it) wrote: Very good movie! It kept me interested the whole time!

Devin R (nl) wrote: very very disturbing and sadistic and violent and bloody. this is prbly snuff film at its worst. not for the faint of heart, or stomach.

Kenneth B (de) wrote: When I watched this I was at university near Liverpool so that perhaps helped elevate this in my mind. The 51st State was no revolution but it was a decent action-comedy.

Marat P (br) wrote: A very nice and small indy flick, that captures the essence of low budget filmmaking.

David C (nl) wrote: There's a super sweetness to "Places in the Heart," but it wears it well. The characters all have little failings, but nothing that can't be quickly overcome in the space of a tender, touching moment. Though many scenes walk right up to the line, they stop short of turning that well-earned tenderness into cloying sentimentality.The young, cherub-cheeked widow played by Sally Field is can-do-ism personified, and is perhaps more racially tolerant than the norm for 1930s Texas, especially considering that her husband has just been killed by a drunk, black youth. But the movie sells us on the idea that she has bigger problems to worry about than racial politics or even personal loss. The Depression is palpable throughout the movie, and it reshapes her life almost overnight. A neighbor is living in a car, paint on a nearby abandoned house says "Gone to California," and now, with the death of the family breadwinner, Field's character also appears to be headed for bust. Worse, she may lose custody of her two children. With no time to mourn, she has to take in a surly boarder (John Malkovich, thoroughly believable as the blind WWI veteran) and hire a black man who previously stole from her (Danny Glover) in a desperate attempt to stay afloat. If it seems all too predictable that her headstrong determination and positive spirit will prevail, that her worldly-wise black field hand will prove his worth, and that the bottled-up boarder will grudgingly reveal his sensitive side, well... it wears it well. Perhaps these characters should be thought of in the way that many of us like to think of our grandparents and great-grandparents: a little idealized in our minds, perhaps, but people who we believe were fundamentally good and who lived through difficult and transformative years in our history as soldiers, laborers, school children, and housewives. The final scene in the movie is a creative tracking shot that emphasizes the oneness of this diverse, often fragmented and antagonistic, yet familiar community that we have come to know. It is not just a Texas community, but an American one.It is hard to say what a slow-boiling side plot about marital infidelity, featuring a young and inscrutable Ed Harris, adds to the movie. There may be some thematic connection to a frightening sequence of a literally home-wrecking tornado. Or maybe it is a way to provide additional color by making the supporting characters flawed and allowing the main ones to remain only nominally imperfect. In any case, this B-plot is not very creatively rendered, and it takes time away from the Malkovich and Glover characters whose private lives would surely be far more interesting but are too seldom seen. This shortcoming, though, does not prevent the main plot from being as affirming and moving as it strives to be.

Wes S (ru) wrote: The battles are bigger, the plot is more noticeable, and the characters only get better from the first film. It's also a little more lighthearted, more fast paced, and a bit silly at times, but it all adds to the charm. Certain plot elements are forgivable as everything is used great at some point. Superman II is every bit enjoyable, and then some, than the first film.

Linda G (kr) wrote: Elena and I love this movie.

roger t (jp) wrote: recommended by pinkminkprincess.......

Michael T (de) wrote: Kooky melodrama is the ultimate Crawford soap opera.

Tilly W (gb) wrote: When this film first came out i found it scary but now its more of a light scary story. I would recommend it to anyone who does not like scary movies and its not scary... a good ghost story.

Gregory W (fr) wrote: good A picture with all star cast

Kyle M (mx) wrote: Before Schwarzenegger became the Terminator, he was a barbarian that pre-heighten his career as an action star. But his acting as one was good, but sometimes mediocre like how the action sequences were mediocrely influenced that resulted heavily bleeding. Putting the violence aside, the film has good production values for an 80s fantasy adventure, including the fitted theme music.With that being said, the film resulted being likable with some enjoyment if you can ignore the violent contents and focus on the stuff that defined the fantasy genre. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Jacqueline S (ag) wrote: maybe only becuase ji,,y fallon is n it

Daniel R (us) wrote: Garfield is brought to life on the big screen but he's not very lovable. Instead, we get an animated jackass with only the witty humor being anything original to the comic itself. The actors play second fiddle to the animals around them and seem quite bored in most scenes.