Lifeu Ishtene

Lifeu Ishtene

Vishaal (Diganth) is a careless youngster who does not have any set goals in life. In contrast, his friend Shivu (Neenasam Satish) is serious and advises Vishaal to reform himself. But Vishaal, whose parents allow him a lot of freedom, finds his own way to deal with his love affairs. He falls in love with Nandini (Sindhu Loknath) and wants to marry her. Nandini wants Vishaal to take up a job as it will help her discuss the marriage proposal with her father. He thinks she is the one for him, but only till the point where he has to choose between his music career and her. At this point they break up. Later Vishaal meets television anchor Rashmi (Samyukta Horanadu) who is ready to marry him but Vishaal realises he wishes to be alone. Meanwhile, his best friend Shivu falls ill and the film ends with both of them video-conferencing about life in general.

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Priyanka A (de) wrote: hey,it's got fantastic comedy.Akshay steals dah show all dah way!!

Zack S (jp) wrote: Shrooms make me wonder if everyone who contributed to this film was on shrooms when they were making it. With that in mind, this film is indeed a really dumb horror movie on acid. Maybe it would have been better had they camped it up a little bit and even added better scares. To be honest though, there were a few things I liked about it. The cinematography is well done and the talking cow was pretty amusing. It also has a nice concept. Too bad the execution sucks though! It ends up being downright stupid because like most horror films, it has a lousy and predictable storyline, characters you can never care about because they are so stupid, cheesy acting, and a stupid script.

Mohammed A (it) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Avery C (gb) wrote: Such a great film. It's stylish, dark, entertaining, and at times, very funny. I have to say, Eric Bana gives a truly great performance - one of my favorite of Bana's career. I love this movie!

Jaime P (gb) wrote: I came into this thinking it was a light film but was thoroughly mistaken and pleasantly surprised. Rampling did a superb job of making me hate her and Bates was quite the dashing albeit goofy leading man. Redgrave did not play the typical insecure overweight woman but actually had confidence and the strength to get what she wanted.. even if it may not have been the popular choice.

John Eric D (es) wrote: Oh man, does Adrien Brody is out of roles right now? I mean, come on, he could do better than that. His acting is like the worst I've seen seriously. He's trying to be like a pimp or something which never works. And for Anakin Skywalker? He should do big budget films. He's quietly been good this time in some B-grade films. Just don't mind the whole plot and story, it's just plain awful. All they can do is to say "f*ck this sh*t man" all the freaking time. Expect what to expect on this "straight to DVD-is" film. Just check out the last action scenes. Those were pretty legit. 2.5 stars out of 5.

jesse k (ag) wrote: This movie is very disturbing. That's what I was looking for. An entirely different kind of movie than Shindler's List or The Killing Fields. This movie is brutal, brutal and disturbing. Nolte sucks as almost always.

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