When an overconfident teen alien gets behind the controls of a spaceship, he must attempt to abduct a slumbering farmer under the watchful eye of a critical instructor. But abducting humans requires precision and a gentle touch, and within a few missteps it's painfully clear why more humans don't go missing every year.

  • Category:Sci-Fi
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:Chich1Phat
  • Country:USA
  • Director:Gary Rydstrom
  • Writer:Gary Rydstrom, Jeff Pidgeon (story), Maxwell Brace IV (story)

A teenage alien tries to abduct a sleeping human, but with so many switches to do so, it's nearly impossible. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jasrick J (gb) wrote: Gulrez (parineeti) hails from Hyderabad and is a topper in sports and academics. But her marriage plans get spoiled as the prospective in-laws demand dowry. She decides to teach a lesson to dowry seeking grooms using the law. She along with her father (anupam kher) shift to Lucknow with new identity as rich people from Dubai. There Gulrez meets Taariq (aditya) a restaurant owner and also a rich man. Both get married and Gulrez uses the law and takes money from him and returns to Hyderabad. What happens from there forms the rest.The director has come up with an interesting storyline and while the presentation was rich, the narrative was just okay. The dialogues were well written. The script was above average but the screenplay was average. The background score was melodious and songs were worth watching. Cinematography was efficient. Editing good. Costumes were well designed to suit the backdrop while the art department was colorful. Aditya Roy Kapur was excellent and he scores the brownie points. Parineeti Chopra looks sensuous and she did her bit as required. Anupam Kher was great as usual. Others had no scope.Coming up with an interesting idea is very hard in the this day in age where in bollywood masala films are raking in all the moolah. It is here where Dir.Habib Fasial should be aplauded for making a film on dowry even though it is light hearted and there is scope for a even better film on this subject.The first half revolves around elements of comedy, some romance and interesting moments. The interval bang was neat but the second half gets into a con drama which was not excepted and it needed to be more convincing. Overall, the film is very enjoyable, its entertaining and it tackles a serious subject in a light manner, barring a of couple unexpected not so convincing twists its a enjoyable watch for the whole family.

Chris L (es) wrote: The script feels like a preliminary draft. The plot sets up nicely as a political, ethically challenging film, but rapidly devolves. Many of the characters seem to act irrationally; much of the dialog feels poorly thought out, portraying antagonists in particular as irrational buffoons. The CG is impressive, minus the lack of motion blur; fast robotic actions are rendered sharp frame to frame, creating choppy motions. This film's semi-saving grace may be that the robots are portrayed as interesting, misunderstood creatures. Their behavior is fascinating to watch, but it just doesn't carry the film. The ending parallels the protagonist's random flashbacks, but has nothing to do with the actual plot. There's loose ends all over the place. Automata is worth checking out, but don't expect a resolute ending.

Stephanie J (jp) wrote: Interesting to see two completely different stories with the same characters

Rashad A (ca) wrote: Great documentry about the good old days of the dot com boom and bust

Sherry M (mx) wrote: Martin Lawrence is very likable. The problem is that the movie just wasn't all that funny. Also a little distrusting that we're supposed to root for a thief. Everyone, including the cops, is happy that he gets away with the diamond in the end. Because...why? He's cool? C'mon...

Michael W (mx) wrote: Tommy visits his sister in small town and welcomed by the local chapter of a white supremicist group, who killed the Baptist minister and ruined the town picnic. Entry charts a different course for the series but Eric Roberts and Chris Penn are certainly missed; although Gershon makes up for some of what is lost. Rhee also co-produces and directs.

Michelle C (au) wrote: love this movie, watch many times a year

Mike S (es) wrote: A really good film and what feels to be a good reenactment of what happen at Alcatraz in 1962. It wasn't overdone or it wasn't watered down and overly acted. A solid performance from Clint Eastwood. Two thumbs up.

Kyle A (kr) wrote: I thought it was okay, then again this is the first horror movie I ever saw.

Brett C (fr) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:Marilyn Monroe. Such a significant figure in within and outside cinema. Many admire her, many hate her, many lusts for her, but nobody could ever understand her. There is only one person in the entire world who could give us the answers to our question of "Who is Marilyn Monroe?" which is Marilyn herself. My Week with Marilyn allows its audience to gain a deeper insight in the titular character, showing the cracks of her presumed flawless exterior. Before seeing this film, I have always thought of Monroe as purely a sex symbol for women to admire to in regards to their physical appearance, but seeing a number of her notable films and this, allowed me to be aware and empathise towards or appreciate the sides of her that I never saw before.The central perspective in this film is placed on a hopeful film enthusiast, Colin Clark, exploring the experience he had with the titular star, both inside and out of creating The Prince and the Showgirl. I have watched a number of behind the scenes or reflection documentaries on crew members from multiple films and their experience with working with the actress. Many of what was discussed was addressed in this film; the unreliability, the naivety, the radiance, and the resonance.Monroe's personal life was a difficult one, growing up without parents and lacking a sense of direction and identity, which would explain her reliance on others to bring out the potential inside her. She wanted and tried hardly in convincing others and herself that she is a serious actress, and not just someone who is simply defined by her alluring physicality; her obsession of substance and a sense of ownership in her roles allowed her to take in the identity that her personal life severely lacked. Marilyn relied on the guidance of Lee Strasberg acting methods via his wife, Paula, in order to achieve herself in being immersed in this role and to convince everyone around her, also herself, that she is a deeply invested and professional actress.She was also notorious for her inability to be on time and to efficiently deliver her lines or marks, affecting other members of the crew; particularly Olivier. Though the film doesn't only dwell on the character's negative aspects, it also spends enough time to show that Marilyn was also able to bring something beautiful, and many of which came out on their own, one simply just requires the patience in order to obtain it. Monroe, in this film, is not depicted primarily in one side of the spectrum since we see many shades of her life and personality; the film remains impartial throughout, even at the end, the film does not leave us with a feeling that would damage or improve our personal opinions of the character. The film simply aims to have its audience be aware.I was pleased with how Curtis handled such a difficult character and still able to come out of it at the end well balanced. As I have said previously, this film educated me and broken almost all of my prejudices of the character, which ultimately allowed me to appreciate more of her performances through reflection. Though the film centralises on feelings and experiences towards Marilyn Monroe, it actually is through the perspective of Colin Clark, but it never at all felt one-sided, aside from maybe one or two moments during the latter parts of the film. Watching the romantic elements of this film, felt a little forced in attempting to bring something new to a story that audiences, especially enthusiasts of the actress and cinema, may already be aware of. It also came off as overly sentimental, which had me stepping back for a brief moment a couple of times. There is a payoff at the end of the film in following his journey, it promotes the idea of Monroe as a catalyst for Colin to grow up and become mature; while also producing that sense of irony as the catalyst herself is more confused than he is. The film could have removed this aspect, providing a more objective approach, and I feel it would have been just as effective.The acting performances in this film were spectacular, with Michelle Williams in the front line as the physically immaculate but internally damaged Marilyn Monroe. It never felt at all like watching a replica of the roles that Monroe has taken form, and instead Williams delivers us with ambiguous substance that speaks genuinely of Monroe's personal and professional life. The close ups that the film captures on Williams' performance, demonstrates so much depth that one could spend for hours analysing, just what exactly was she trying to convey. Eddie Redmayne as Colin Clark was pleasant here but I felt was always swept off by Williams' presence; I only seem to take notice of his performance when Williams is off screen. Kenneth Branagh as Laurence Olivier was equally fantastic as Williams' performance. It is clear from the films that Branagh has directed that he has great admiration for Olivier and his works, and his role and performance here is his ultimate way of paying tribute to the master. I cannot think of any other actor that could understand and appreciate the inner workings of Olivier. If this film ever had a spin-off of its own, which I highly doubt, on the lives of Olivier and his professional and romantic life, then count me on board.My Week with Marilyn almost perfectly delivers, thanks to its personal exploration of its titular character and amazing performances from its cast. I recommend anybody who is a fan of the actress or is an enthusiast of cinema to watch this.

Andrew M (mx) wrote: While rustically charming and containing enough laughs to entertain, it's also cliche to the point where it actually annoyed me. The acting is fine, although the forced romantic interest's (FRI) accent comes and goes. It's the story itself that bothers me. This is possibly the definitive example of the liar revealed story, particularly egregious due to how oblivious the doctor has to be to be unaware of the events around him. Yet everything is revealed -- save a corporate BRIBE -- and resolved in the final 4-5 minutes of the film. With no consequences. Everything's forgiven, everyone gets what they want, not even a lesson learned. Also, given that her role is almost literally forced (not in a physical way, to be clear) due to the lie, the FRI plays very little part here. Given the running time of almost 2 hours, that leads to a very pat ending. It's rather creepy how far everyone went for the lie; I get they're desperate, but for supposedly good people they're rather despicable, particularly how they get their information. If you just like fairly solid acting, some laughs, and nice scenery, you may enjoy this more than me. Personally, the setup and lack of consequences bothers me too much to recommend this.