The chance to shine in a singing competition offers much-needed hope for a Southern middle-schooler who's drowning in worries, from bullies in the halls to turmoil at home -- and the news that his reservist father has been called back to Afghanistan.

Henry, a middle school student in Alabama, finds refuge in music after he is stuck living with his drug-addicted mother when his father is deployed to Afghanistan. With the help of a local pastor, the boy decides to take part in a local singing contest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yogeshwar K (ru) wrote: Good movie ....good songs .....a new time watch

Andrea B (mx) wrote: Probably the most underrated movie ever. Great dialogue and no spoon feeding for dumb viewers

Andrew M (fr) wrote: Why had I not watched this movie till today? Freaking hilarious!

Bob B (us) wrote: A brilliant film that allows Langella to dramatize the joy of discovery when a problem is first outlined,

Leon S (de) wrote: shows with pee wee should not be shown

Samuel B (ag) wrote: I give two stars to the legendary diner scene. The rest of the movie gets zero stars.

Aves S (mx) wrote: A WONDERFUL ORGINAL

Ruthie R (mx) wrote: This started off sort of interesting,and then it wasn't.

Louise B (fr) wrote: This was such a great movie! It was very risque for 1940! I came across it on TCM and originally thought when they called her a working girl it meant she was a prostitute but that was very wrong haha. I love how it's told through the flashbacks and Ginger Rogers looks so different with red hair!

Craig M (gb) wrote: A must see for all Metallica fans!