Light Gradient

Light Gradient

Johann and Robin, a young gay couple, travel to the countryside to get to know each other better. After several days of hiking, they arrive at an old farmhouse inhabited by a woman and her adolescent son. They take refuge with the welcoming family until one day they get too close for comfort and are flung out of their paradise, forcing them back into the real world.

A young gay couple go on a camping trip, biking through the woods of Brandenburg. They have some mishaps along the way before meeting a woman and her teenager son on a farm. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter W (es) wrote: laugh a minute great dvd

Mason B (br) wrote: When not even great screen presences Samuel L. Jackson or Tom Wilkinson can elevate a film, you know you've got a bad one. It doesn't help that neither of them seem to care at all about the film they find themselves in, and neither of them could be bothered to try. The fact that Jackson, in all his lethargy, is still the best thing about this film tells you the lows this film sinks to. Jackson played Foley, who's out of prison on parole after twenty-five years. He's trying to go straight, but the son of his ex-partner forces him back into the job for one last grift. The first problem is the Samaritan is that it's premise is one we've heard several times before. The second is that it has a terrible screenplay that cannot transcend it's numerous cliches. The dialogue is uninspired and uninteresting, meanwhile the characters are undeveloped and terribly acted. The third problem is that it's stylistically and tonally uneven; at times it seems like the director can't decide which film he's actually directing. The worst part about the Samaritan is that it manages to be both tedious and unpleasant at the same time. The film takes itself dead-seriously, and somber attitude and attempts to shock the audience becomes very irritating. The Samaritan is a film that thinks it's cool, thinks it's clever, thinks it's edgy and provocative, but in the end it's just very, very stupid, very, very boring, and very, very unpleasant.

TR J (us) wrote: The filmed adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's play is mostly compelling conversation in a single ghetto room, with Samuel L Jackson delivering a powerful performance as the streetwise black Christian trying to convince Tommy Lee Jones' pseudo-existential academic not to kill himself after Jackson has saved him earlier that day from the first attempted suicide. The play is filmed bare-bones, raw and thoroughly invested in its dialogue. The writing is generally excellent, and Jackson makes the most of it, giving life to a character who wants desperately to save souls after being saved himself and believing Jesus has given him this mission. Jones' character is a bit less convincing, with a smaller role, as the faithless man whose intelligence and culture have done nothing to breathe life into him, leaving him in a nihilistic despair from which there seems to be no escape. The filmmaking is spare but subtly artistic in its way, using a dilapidated room for the two men to see whose belief system might prove more persuasive.

Fernando B (gb) wrote: Simple, con excelentes trabajos actorales (especialmente de su protagonista), y va verdaderamente "al punto" en menos de 90 minutos. Cine italiano DEL BUENO...

John A (ag) wrote: An engaging and engrossing essay film on the presentation and identity of Los Angeles. Long a staple in movies, the city has served as the background, the setting, and even as a character. However, Anderson's film shows us that this often obscures the true nature of the city. The montage of film clips is both impressive and informative, while the narration brings context and a dry wit to the proceedings. Truly a magnificent film.

Lilianetty l (br) wrote: Cillian Murphy...this movie was out on 1998...and the cast acted amazing!! I loved it!!!! I dont care if he just make a cameo...but it was ok. Bartender, haha, so cute.

Fahry A (fr) wrote: Film 2 aktor saja. Isinya dialog semua. Dah gitu sulit bgt dmengerti apa yg mereka bicarakan. Ngomong seputar theory of knowledge, filosofi dan paradigma masing-masing. Tp utk memahami cerita bukan berarti penonton jg harus paham apa yg mrk bicarakan. Cukup ngerti garis besarnya saja dan ikuti ekpresi mrk. Film ttg org2 paranoid. Menarik...

Kiel C (ca) wrote: Needed more john candy.

Keandy R (ru) wrote: soooo want to see this movie one of my favs!!

Tyler P (kr) wrote: Je ne l'avais pas revu depuis sa diffusion tl sur la cinq. A l'poque, se devait tre l'occasion des "jeudi de l'angoisse" et a m'avait bien fait flipp. Cela reste encore de bonne facture aujourd'hui.

Sargis G (fr) wrote: If you are ever in the mood to watch a really bad movie you made a great choice. I've seen some bad vampire movies but this one really is the queen of the bad. But at least it's better then those stupid Twilight movies.

Jonny P (de) wrote: "Rocky II" picks up with a recap of the first fight and answers the question of "What happens next?" The plot is well conceived as Rocky retires from boxing and must find work to support his family. This is contrasted by Apollo Creed, who struggles with the naysayers who believe that Rocky should have been awarded the split decision. In true Rocky fashion, The Italian Stallion must come out of retirement to make some money and defend his family's honor when Creed launches a personal attack. I am good with all of this (even the overemphasis on Rocky's lack of education) and glad that there is some action in the first half of the film, but the whole coma thing is way overdramatic. I've come to expect some cheesiness from this series but that was really unnecessary. Still, it is hard to fault a film that has twice as many training montages, a better climactic fight, and an ending that will have you choked up. In fact, the ending of this film is my favorite moment of the entire series. Carl Weathers steals the show just like he did in the original. His character transforms throughout the film and manages to make us love him and hate him at the same time. When you combine his performance with the empathy that we develop for Stallone, there is a lot on the line in the final boxing match. The boxing sequence is just incredible and it is impossible to tell whether they are acting or actually making contact. "Rocky II" is very similar to the rest of the series: It has a few slow points but the final showdown is so amazing that nothing else matters.

James S (jp) wrote: Really poor attempt at a rom-com, unfortunately lacking both the rom, and the com. Do not judge Jason Bateman entirely on this.

Michael B (kr) wrote: Sweet, Dolp killing people! what else do you need?