Light It Up

Light It Up

On a winter day in a southside Queens high school, events collide and six students are suddenly in an armed standoff with the NYPD. At the school, classrooms freeze, teachers come and go, resources are scant.

After a shooting incident in a neglected inner-city school leaves a police officer wounded, six teenage high school seniors holds the cop hostage, in a desperate effort to improve the run-down conditions of their high-school. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christa F (ru) wrote: not bad for a b rated movie! sort of Texas chainsaw massacre meets Rosemary's baby

Grant S (kr) wrote: Interesting, introspective look at Hollywood, its trials and tribulations, its pretensiousness, and the struggle to make it big. Very funny at times, yet is very believable. It feels like a home movie it is so realistic.Great performance by Naomi Watts: you sometimes get the feeling she is playing herself!

David A (ru) wrote: Boring, meaningless, and filled with nothing but emptiness; "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" fails to improve on its predecessor's flaws or make the franchise remotely interesting. There's no background story for the characters nor a reason should we care about them. Let's not talk about the plot's inconsistencies that the filmmakers failed to acknowledge. Why Umbrella wanted to make Alice human? Since when Alice became an asshole to others, wasn't she nice to everyone in the previous movie? How did Valentine know how to kill the zombies, did she done this before? If so, how? The movie brought more questions than answers, and these questions are more annoying than intriguing.

Mad M (gb) wrote: It's okay. Denzel does a great job of making you love him and hate him; his performance is really the only reason to watch this.

Rahima D (nl) wrote: One of my favorite SRK's romantic movies with a great Pooja Bhatt... powerful songs and good dance sequences

Dustin R (us) wrote: The ultimate party movie, and one of my favorite films ever. I remember I showed some friends in middle school all the boobies in it, and my parents came home and thought we were watching porn.

Thomas H (kr) wrote: Two words!! Brilliant Acting. Diahann Carroll is awesome in this film. A beautiful woman.

Gavin S (ru) wrote: I'm up in the air about this one...Cinematographically speaking, it's gorgeous, lush shots of Venice in the Summertime. It has Katherine Hepburn. On the other hand, it doesn't exactly treat women with a great deal of respect, and in many ways I'm surprised a feminist like Hepburn agreed to do it. If you want a nice diversion or you're looking to go to Venice, this is nice. Otherwise, there are plenty of Hepburn films worth seeing instead, and David Lean productions as well.

Ryan H (nl) wrote: Jimmy Stewart plays his part perfectly and it leads to a satisfying end result.