Lightning: Bolts of Destruction

Lightning: Bolts of Destruction

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Lightning: Bolts of Destruction torrent reviews

Matthew D (us) wrote: Better than the first but lacks the same plot as the original. Good movie overall.

Susan Y (nl) wrote: This is one of the best documentaries I have seen in 2013! It is a bittersweet exploration about the cruelty of commerce, politics, and art. 'Bomb It 2' is a tight, sharp film. It moves to an energetic rhythm, in sync with its exciting subject.

Philippe D (nl) wrote: Belle immersion dans l'univers des migrants italiens du dbut du sicle, dans leurs rves nafs et leurs superstitions aussi. Le film nous r-apprend aussi les conditions dans lesquelles taient traits les immigrants Ellis Island, qui n'taient pas trs sympathiques.Mais l'opposition de tons entre la reconstitution raliste et les saillies oniriques est un peu confusante, d'autant plus que les personnages restent trs nigmatiques.

Vagelakis (de) wrote: A sweet indie film, with a very warm heart. You're never too late, or too far gone, to connect with or understand others.

Marc H (br) wrote: yet another film on the cruelty of war ...and how it dehumanises everyone ... only the french do melancholy this well .

Private U (mx) wrote: One of the best b boy documentries there is.

Mar C (es) wrote: bullet bullet sell off!!!!!!!!!!

Trevor L (ag) wrote: This movie breaks the only rule in Tom and Jerry: THEY DON'T TALK! Not only do they speak, but the voices are annoying, the acting is sub-par, the songs are terrible, and the plot....whatever it is, is just lame. The only good parts are the first 5-10 minuets where there is no dialogue, and the Droopy cameo, that was kind of nice.Is this movie worth it? No. Not at all, there are much better movies that you could see, so don't even bother with Tom and Jerry: The Movie!

Deadly V (us) wrote: Teenage Rebellion at its best.

Greg R (jp) wrote: For such a short and simple movie, Dumbo still manages to pack a lot of charm, imagination, powerful emotions, and brilliant Disney animation all into one. It may not have been as ambitious as Snow White, Pinocchio, or Fantastia was for it's time, this film is still one of the best Disney classics.

Joseph W (jp) wrote: I loved this film! I've watched it like 10 times! Lot of great talent music & acting wise! Vincent Piazza & John Lloyd Young both totally nailed it as Tommy DeVito & Frankie Valli!

Meredith W (es) wrote: A mess of a movie that is difficult to follow, despite its sometimes plodding pace. Franco can do so much better than this.