Lightning Bug

Lightning Bug

In this drama thriller set in the South, a young boy named Green (Bret Harrison) longs to escape his unhappy life but feels trapped in his hometown. A gifted special-effects makeup artist, Green has big dreams of working in Hollywood. But the boy's personal demons -- a drunken, abusive stepfather, a group of religious zealots out to destroy his work and the love of a girl who prefers small-town life -- may stand in the way of his dreams.

The film is set in the South, about a young boy who longs to escape the misery of his childhood and the misunderstanding of his hometown. A gifted, self-taught, special effects make-up artist, Green dreams of going to Hollywood to make his own monsters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emily A (nl) wrote: Restores (a bit) of faith in Diablo Cody, and the self-critiquing way in which this was written by her is pretty hilarious and kind of admirable. Charlize Theron is great and really gets the balance between being funny while also showing the hypocrisy of the character that's ultimately based on deep insecurity. Patton Oswalt does quite well too. Mostly it is a fascinating and sad character study that I really liked.

Abraham S (ru) wrote: What [Rec] 2 lacked as a horror film can be found in the original [Rec]. I was surprised and a little disappointed at the developments made to the central plot in the first twenty minutes of the movie, but once I was able to let go of that annoying stone in my pocket, I was able to enjoy what I was seeing. This film was a bit more intense, less shocking, less original, and more plot driven. It was far less believable than its predecessor but still a solid scary movie. I'd share it with my friends on scary movie night for sure.

jayme k (it) wrote: I love this movie!~!!

Graham C (mx) wrote: Cracking film and really did not receive praise when it came out in 99 but its definitely a cult movie! I love the fact its non stop high paced action from start to finish, as film lovers know Cronenberg rarely fails to deliver a superb film but this is up there for sure! I love the storyline.. A must for all computer nerds

Stephen C (it) wrote: After the success of Bob Carol Ted and Alice ,Director Paul Mazursky and producer Larry Tucker were stumped with what to do next.So why not make a film about making a follow up movie and in the mix pay tribute to the ultimate film about a block Fellini's masterpiece 8 1/2.Donald Sutherland plays Alex Morrison a new director who has a lot of buzz surrounding his first film, while he waits for that film to be seen Alex fret over what to do next. What follows is an interesting dilemma piece crammed full of references to 8 1/2 the most obvious being the casting of Fellini himself who is approached by Alex while he is editing his latest film.Sutherland is great as Alex and Ellen Burstyn is equally fine as his put upon wife.Mazursky has a very funny cameo as an overexcited producer and the film has lots of fun playing the old one for the studio one for yourself system of making films which was rapidly changing with the release of Easy Rider .Its also amusing to think that while Mazursky was making this film Robert Altman was making Brewster McLoud for the very same studio .Which shows again how interesting 70s films really where.

Nathan C (fr) wrote: one of the many james bond ripoffs, but it has killer cigars! (pun intended)

Craig K (ag) wrote: Film #2 from Preston Sturges -- as efficient as America itself.

Tanvir M (jp) wrote: Incredibly funny British black comedy with some knockout performances. Beware of the US remake though.

Russ B (fr) wrote: 1/30/2016: Just ok. There were a few funny moments, but not a lot.

Jos M (ca) wrote: Paranormal activity meets the Blair Witch Project and the Exorcist... with bits and bobs of other films we've already seen. Nothing new under the sun, just the typical motives brought together