Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike

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Sumit M (ru) wrote: was a great movie! i don't see why anyone would not like it. People envy these new talented actors.

Duke Kyle C (mx) wrote: Granted, stereotypical depiction of homosexuals, it's still filmed very tastefully, and funny. I thought the acting was great, and the characters genuinely funny. Definitely worth watching.

Shane K (us) wrote: a highly great historical piece about a man just trying to provide for his family filled with depth, great acting all around and the boxing scenes are directed to perfection.

Al M (mx) wrote: A decent late giallo from master of the genre Dario Argento, Sleepless is certainly not one of his great films, but it is a solid, stylish, and brutal one nonetheless. The film drags a bit compared to his more classic giallos (Bird with the Crystal Plumage, Deep Red, Tenebre, etc), but it makes up for this with inventive, stylish, and incredibly brutal death scenes as well as a lead performance by the always awesome Max von Sydow. Sleepless is not a masterpiece by any means, but it far outshines some of Argento's other more recent works like The Card Player, Do You Like Hitchcock?, and especially Giallo.

Kyle M (ca) wrote: Cheesy but if you're a fan of the show it's worth it.

Rodney E (nl) wrote: These movies sucked and were a clear attempt to rip off Indiana Jones..yeah yeah the books are way older but the way the movies action and stunts are, it is a ripoff

John A (ca) wrote: A Smart And Original Historic Fantasy Film That Both Kids And Adults Will Enjoy. Co-Written & Directed By Terry Gilliam, Time Bandits Proved That Gilliam Was More Than Just Monty Python's Resident Animator, It Proved He Has Some Great Directorial Skills. The Film Features A Great Cast Of British Actors, Giving Excellent Performances In Supporting Roles. The Film Follows A Young Boy, Kevin Who Joins A Group Of Renegade Dwarves On An Adventure Through History As They Jump Through Various Inter-Dimensional Time Holes. Gilliam's Second Feature As A Solo Director Is A Dark Comedy Disguised As A Children's Family Adventure. Kevin's Encounters With Historic Figures Are Quite Comical. The Great Supporting Cast Include, Sean Connery, John Cleese, Michael Palin (Who Also Co-Wrote The Film), Shelley Duvall, Katherine Helmond, Ian Holm With David Warner As Evil & Ralph Richardson As Good. This Film Is Driven By It's Uniqueness And It's Excellent Well Known Supporting Cast. It's Beautifully Written And Directed.

Jindich J (br) wrote: As Hepburn as it gest. My heart swings.

Jeff H (kr) wrote: This movie freaking rocks. Just.....brilliance....sooo good. Garland and Astaire are a wonderful pairing and the Berlin music is so great. So many delightful surprises and great entertainment. B+

Steve M (jp) wrote: Guest in the House (aka "Satan in Skirts") Starring: Anne Baxter and Ralph Bellamy Director: John Brahm Douglas (Bellamy) invites the ill fiance (Baxter) of his brother to spend the summer with him and his family at their house on the New England coast, so the fresh air and relaxation can speed her recovery. The twisted, mentally unstable woman is soon secretly manipulating everyone in the household, turning them against one another, all so she may possess the house and Douglas for herself. "Guest in the House" is a slow-burn melodrama where the viewers watch one evil, mentally deranged woman gradually destroy the love between members of a happy home (where even the servants and employees are treated as though they are part of the family). Although some of her manipulations are so clumsy and should have been easy for the other characters to see through (and thus the believability of the story is strained a bit), it is engrossing to watch Baxter's character gradually poison the mood in the house and increasingly isolate Douglas from everyone else by sowing doubts and suspicion. I did find myself wondering, however, if Anne Baxter had more than one facial expression and vocal intonation in her bag of acting tools. It seemed like she wore same expression for most of the film (except for teh occisonal smile) and it wasn't until the final scenes that she seemed to be doing anything but running lines. Anne Baxter aside (and it's a big thing to set aside, as she's the film's co-star), the rest of the cast performed nicely. Bellamy seemed slightly miscast, but he played the part as the kindhearted, somewhat oblivious artist, husband, and father. The staging and lighting of the scenes was also nicely done. In fact, it's only the entirely too slow of the movie's first hour that lands the film at the low end of average as far as my rating goes.

Sam E (kr) wrote: Has alot more potential.

Thomas P (ca) wrote: Jaw dropping stunts, and good-ol-boy chuckles highlight this fast paced action comedy - its a trans am that fires on all cylinders.A stunt man fights the studio system that doesnt know a thing about safety. Tons of Fun, and stunning action - see it again if it's been a while, especially if its on tv. It's like your crazy uncle gives you an exhilarating ride in his brand new car - you may not appreciate everything, but you will sure have a lot of fun.4 out of 5