Lightning Strikes Twice

Lightning Strikes Twice

Richard Trevelyan (Richard Todd) was convicted of murdering his wife, given an 11th-hour Death Row reprieve and freed under unusual circumstances after retrial. But his past does not matter to Shelley Carnes (Ruth Roman), an actress visiting the Texas ranchland that Richard calls home. She’s fallen in love with him. But after she becomes the second Mrs. Trevelyan, Shelley is beset by doubts and fear. The director and screenwriter of Bette Davis’s Beyond the Forest – King Vidor (The Fountainhead) and Lenore Coffee (The End of the Affair) – reteam in a richly atmospheric mix of mystery, romance and murder sparked by a luminous cast that also includes Mercedes McCambridge and Zachary Scott.

Sent to a dude ranch in the west to recover her health, a New York actress falls in love with a ranch owner recently acquitted of the murder of his wife. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Layla A (gb) wrote: What makes thrillers titillating is the promise of a well-wrought story line that will have the audience gasping, whistling and snapping their fingers in realization and appreciation at the end. No such culmination here. One is only left with confusion as no clarity is given on what parts of the story are meant to be in the lead character's head and which are occurring in real life. Also, more research needed to be done on the differences between schizophrenia and multiple personality disorders; mostly, she appears to be suffering from the latter.

Francis T (es) wrote: Film sympa, drle, bons dialogues.

Alessandro S (au) wrote: Touching and mesmerizing!

Tonmoy A (br) wrote: good bt he ending remind me the 50 st dates

Tristan M (fr) wrote: bizzare.... :S... but enjoyable

Mark B (nl) wrote: Ever been in a bad relationship, and you wish you could just float away, land in some far off village, right in some cute lady's (or man's) backyard, and start a new life? Your old friends and family would have no idea where you are, and your new friends, and love interests, would have no clue where you came from. The entire nation is looking for you while you build a new life with a woman that turns out to be your perfect soul mate. Pretty slick, eh? Well, welcome to the world of Danny Deckchair. This odd-duck of a movie uses an even odder vehicle to put this plot into action - bunch of helium balloons attached to a lawn chair. And, amazingly, it sort of works fairly well. Don't make the mistake of taking this movie too seriously. The plot is implausible. But sit back and enjoy. Rhys Ifans pulls off the lead role fabulously, and his chemistry with Miranda Otto is noteworthy.

El U (au) wrote: i love the music and eveything in this. just a fan of the show.

Andrew M (gb) wrote: An intense and brilliant Australian drama about a real event. Top notch acting all round, with a standout performance by Edward Woodward. This is a superbly shot film, set during the Boer War, the atmosphere that is created helps give the story a sense of urgency and foreboding. The pace never lets up until the very end, one of the best Australian films of all time.

Timothy B (br) wrote: A childhood favourite that always leaves me with a smile on my face. Yes it's filled with cheesy songs and a ridiculous story line but it's still a feel good movie. Plus it has Barbara Windsor and Benny Hill!!

Mads W (ca) wrote: The plot is good. But the effects was so stupid

bill b (es) wrote: hahahhahah.... seriously??

Mario M (nl) wrote: The best of the series. Smartly directed non-stop action, visually palatable and fabulous soundtrack.

Orlok W (nl) wrote: Four horror tales to fright and delight you--A nifty 80's horror anthology outing; For those not afraid of the 80's!!

Dustin P (de) wrote: It's hilarious watching this now and seeing Matthew McConaughey and Philip Seymour Hoffman before they were famous.