Lights in the Dusk

Lights in the Dusk

Koistenin is a sad sack, a man without affect or friends. He's a night-watchman in Helsinki with ideas of starting his own business, but nothing to go with those intentions. He sometimes talks a bit with a woman who runs a snack trailer near his work. Out of the blue, a young sophisticated blonde woman attaches herself to Koistenin. He thinks of her as his girlfriend, he takes her on her rounds.

In Helsinki, a lonely night watchman is caught up in a series of misadventures with a femme fatale and a crooked businessman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Francis M (au) wrote: I will ignore the obvious positive and negative side of this as a film, as it is more like an educational exercise, less 'in your face' like Zeitgeist' which was better made. The message is clear, and the research was as accurate as I could see myself, perhaps a little off putting with the floating studio by the calm narrator. Important and I hope is seen by many.

Adam E (gb) wrote: In spite of peppering the screen with cameos to add toward its body count, I never imagined a vigilante streak over a dead dog could be as tiresome.

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Smile X (es) wrote: The first Scotish movie I like.

Gena D (it) wrote: 1 star for Meg Ryan, 1 star for some fun moments towards the end and 1 star for the meaningful quote over the scrabble board. That's about it. This movie dragged quite a bit. I wouldn't have missed much had I never watched it.

Arseniy V (de) wrote: In many respects, this is fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants Bertolucci - at just about his most whimsical. Which certainly gets to be a little much after 5 hours. All the yelling and passion and extreme acts - with far too little substance to show for it.

Steve Dagon J (nl) wrote: Boris Karloff's last movie. And what a wonderful movie it is. Also starring Christoper Lee. I have always loved this movie..

Bill C (gb) wrote: It takes a few seconds for us to realize we are watching Pierre Fresnay's life unravel before our eyes like the knitted sweater so comically attached to his dinner jacket. With even less drama, we bear witness to the emergence of cinematic technique that will serve Hitchcock well for the next forty years. In real life, shocking events take time to register - a natural protective device Hitchcock employs frequently to control tension.The second of seven Gaumont British Picture Corp films, The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934) contributes distinctively to the growing Hitchcock legend. The East End London "Sidney Street Siege", scored only by popping gunfire remains a classic to this day.

Jason V (es) wrote: Top 3 Best Christmas movie ever!