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Likainen puolitusina

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Brian F (it) wrote: Quite a spectacle. Best Indian Animation film. A better climax was warranted though. Nevertheless, worth the watch. The sets of Ancient India deserve an applaud.

Damir A (us) wrote: A supernatural home invasion flick that focuses more on manipulation rather than the usual aggression.

Jose R (de) wrote: Terrific performances from DiCaprio and Winslet even if the story is rather depressing but well directed. A-.

Nate (es) wrote: crazy mofo's in the forest murdering people . sounds good to mee :P

Steve R (jp) wrote: A German of Turkish decent , kung-fu, a love story, and warring kebeb places that are across the street. Funny and smart with a universal message. Check it!

Veniea T (us) wrote: Most definitely NO COMMENT

Roxann M (it) wrote: One of the cutest and funniest films ever!

Sonya B (fr) wrote: fabulous obscure WW2 flick based in the pacific theatre

Nick T (ru) wrote: Great film, one of Pacino's best. Child actors are terrific; very rare to have such naturally talented young actors in a film. Good story, decent script, and Arthur Hiller's direction is as good as always.

Frank M (kr) wrote: silly and entertaining. that's all you need from this.

Mark S (us) wrote: Recommended by Sean L.

Jason B (kr) wrote: a character study in the french film noir genre, following a gangster who loses everything trying to escape the crime underworld only to get sucked back into it. Sautet's film is not as exciting as some of the more famous french crime flicks, but the relationships the characters have with one another are rarely this well-developed and it's directed with just as much class as any other. oddly-paced at times and with a really light ending, but very worth watching.

Daniel T (au) wrote: Action packed must see!!

Markus M (ru) wrote: Jason in space. That is an idea that when properly executed could've resulted in a brilliantly shlocky and hilariously entertaining film, but instead Jason X opts to just suck. Most of the characters all share one personality, by which I mean they have none beyond throwing out sarcastic one-liners, and ninety-five perfent of the jokes fall flat, leaving the only kinda funny parts to be the sometimes pretty entertaining kills. But even with a few kinda cool kills, the film never really utilizes the possibilities of putting Jason in the future on a spaceship, and instead just does a typical Friday the 13th slasher. The setting has no significant impact on the action, so basically the same movie could've been done as a classic Friday the 13th film by just replacing words like "space" in the script with "Camp Crystal Lake". Honestly the idea of Jason in space would've been much more suited for a splatter film than a slasher film. When the movie came out I was like ten years old and was too young to see it, so when I saw the trailer I just imagined the movie in my head, and I still find the one ten-year-old me came up with better than the actual one. They should've just gone all out and given Jason like a laser machete and had him have a lightsaber duel or something and give all the characters blasters and shit... You know, just go all out on the stupid sci-fi shit like something like Moonraker did (although granted that's not a good movie either). In the end the only thing Jason X truly got right is Uber Jason which is one of the coolest things ever in the history of anything ever.5-/10

Greg H (au) wrote: When you have to change actors, that's often a sign of a bad movie. This is no different. Awful.

Jonathan W (us) wrote: As a fan of the book series, my opinion of the film might be slightly biased. While I agree that there was a bit of miscasting involved (Debbie Reynolds as Grandma Mazur ...?), Katherine Heigl practically IS Stephanie Plum, giving a believable performance as the spunky, bumbling bounty hunter and Sherri Shepard is the perfect Lula. While there are some unnecessary changes made from the novel, "One for the Money" is a more than passable adaptation of the first Stephanie Plum mystery.

Betty G (jp) wrote: Neil Hamburger is the best! This is a great movie filled to the brim with tasteless dark comedy. It's a lot like the nauseated feeling you get from opiates, but it feels so fucking good.

April R (ag) wrote: Beautifully tackles a sensitive subject.