Like Mother Like Daughter

Like Mother Like Daughter


A sleazebag seduces both a nightclub owner and her teenage daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Like Mother Like Daughter torrent reviews

Marvin B (fr) wrote: The film is way better than FWB and NSA. I just find the background music and some lines too cliched.

Matthew L (gb) wrote: An equal parts charming and gritty look at two immigrants trying to make a living by selling knock-off merchandise in New York. One is dealing with marital troubles stemming from a fake marriage for US citizenship, while the other is suddenly left with a young son he didn't even know he had that may or may not even be his. A vibrant slice of neo-realism, teeming with life and the pulsating rhythms of the streets of New York.

Mary R (es) wrote: Pretty Crappy and lots of sink masturbation yeah sorry I spoiled it...

Avid C (us) wrote: Good Advice is the sort of movie you can see over and over and over. I know I do. It's easy on the eye, charming, slightly insightful, positive, and entertaining.Charlie Sheen's acting is a bit pinched, though, but it's still good. Most character are a bit over played, but in line with the comedic tone of the film. I love Angie Harmon's character, I find it so cute and charming, in lots of little ways, but I suspect she might be at the edge of what she can do. Still, can't help rooting for her.The advice column itself is quite insightful, and well written. If a columnist could write with such a voice, it would be popular indeed.See it whenever you want to be lightly entertained and see a cute relationship.

Jordan J (es) wrote: I really liked it. It was actually better than the first one. This sequel is creative and cute. Kids and adults will enjoy this movie.

Paul M (nl) wrote: Run of the mill jungle action film but the uncut version has an excellent death scene which sadly was the highlight of the film.

Daniel P (gb) wrote: Overly camp for my taste, doesn't quite live up to Star Wars

tanja n (ru) wrote: A funny and crazy movie :) One of Johnny Depps first movies. He was so young here

Johnathan M (au) wrote: Not a classic but entertaining all the same. Rooney, Roberts and O'Connell all making it very watchable.