Lilet Never Happened

Lilet Never Happened

Lilet Never Happened is the rollercoaster story of how a young girl, struggling to survive in the streets of Manila, spirals down into child prostitution. She is a fighter. She is a dreamer. She is a rebel and she thinks she can handle the world with her wits. But she has to face up to reality when she runs out of innocent dreams.

A look at child prostitution in Manila. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rasika M (ru) wrote: First of all there is a story and it is beautiful, Mind blowing performance by Sonakshi Sinha, Motwane does magic again (after Udaan).

Greg R (fr) wrote: Not my favorite Paul Rudd movie. Cute nonetheless. A stellar cast

Steven M (ca) wrote: Great. Hugely entertaining and funny. I personally prefer more of a plot, but it does not at all interfere with the movie's cast or intelligence.

Cole M (au) wrote: Such a creative story line for a dark comedy. A surprisingly great performance by Will Ferrell.

Barry T (de) wrote: i loved this catty filml so much and the cats are all so cutex

Ryan M (fr) wrote: Funniest robin Williams as ever been

George B (kr) wrote: The multiple storylines can be hard to focus on. But Haneke did pull it off once again and make a strong satire out of the sad situation of the society and media. They're actually dissolving us.

Robert H (es) wrote: With a feel reminiscent of the old Hammer films this co Canadian UK produced film does a good job of telling a Sherlock Holmes story. Christopher Plummer does a very good (though not my fave) portrayal of the master detective and while Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper are quite common and well known characters/stories, Murder by Decree does a decent job of keeping the story as fresh and new as possible.Feeling more like a movie of the week (Hammer films often fit that bill afterall) Murder by Decree does not fill itself with sexual references or gory details which is both good and bad. While I would have liked a film with more visual stimuli, this Sherlock tale just shows that you don't need to show too much in order to tell a story... but the visceral portion of my pleasure center still wanted more.Murder by Decree isn't for everyone. Younger audiences might find the film a tad bit slow and without the visual punch they're used to. Fans of Hammer studios on the other hand will find themselves right at home. Bob Clark manages to produce yet another underrated yet skilled outing that does justice to the Sherlock Holmes character.

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Brian K (mx) wrote: Pre-Miami Vice Philip Michael Thomas. A Buie family classic "must see"