Lilian M.: Relatório Confidencial

Lilian M.: Relatório Confidencial

Maria, a countrywoman, leaves for São Paulo, where she becomes an industrialist's lover and meets all kind of people but, dissatisfied, she returns to the country to meet her family again.

Maria, a countrywoman, leaves for São Paulo, where she becomes an industrialist's lover and meets all kind of people but, dissatisfied, she returns to the country to meet her family again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mugeni M (fr) wrote: Haven't watched something so sobering in a while. The conflict in him between the need to document/photograph or help his subjects is heart-wrenching and point of reflection for any journalist

Philip J (fr) wrote: what how does a low budget film have such great special effects !? a pleasant surprise... some strong performances with some terrible acting in between makes for a highly.recommended and suspenseful film.

Rudy A (it) wrote: An interesting discourse on the conflict between creative minds who want to share and those who want to make money out of creative works. If you're into copyright issues and are disturbed by corporations who want to control culture, this film is for you.

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