Lilith is a about a mysterious young woman in an elite sanitarium in Maryland, who seems to weave a magical spell all around her. A restless, but sincere young man with an equally obscure ...

. . A restless, but sincere young man with an equally . Lilith is a about a mysterious young woman in an elite sanitarium in New England, who seems to weave a magical spell all around her

Lilith is the best great movie of Robert Rossen (screenplay), J.R. Salamanca (novel). This movie was introduced in 1964. We can counted many actors in this movies torrent, such as Warren Beatty, Jean Seberg, Peter Fonda, Kim Hunter, Anne Meacham, Jessica Walter, Gene Hackman, James Patterson, Robert Reilly. The kind of movie are Drama. This movie was rated by 7 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movie to watch. Share with your friends and watch this movie together

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Users reviews

Andy C (jp)

Chet is one of the least charming characters I've seen in a while, too, but then again it was the '60s so his bizarre rhyming of "Florence" with insurance probably played better to a gang of drug-crazed hippies. I'm confused. . . she. . . OK, so he rolls around and cheats, then comes home to his wife and

Ben D (mx)

It is difficult to speak too highly of the two "V" series which combine to form one of the best sci-fi dramas of the 20th century. Combined with its sequel (you must see both, the first ends abruptly) this is an outstanding miniseries dealing with many issues political, social, and religious

Chalay C (jp)

I feel sad it took me forever to see it. It was straight up hilarious!! Bill Murray is such a genius in it as well. Such a solid solid movie

Geoff J (gb)

Easily the high point of George's career. Gripping thriller, well worth 90 mins of your time

James H (ru)

Even when I had a PC, I still always held on to my Mac, and nothing can compare to a Mac. Having been a Apple/Mac owner since 1979, I found this documentary refreshing and informative, and very glad that I have stayed with MacIntosh for 30+ years

Lee M (ag)

Interesting in its own right as a tidy chiller/thriller, but recommendable when one realizes that so many later horror flicks seem but a footnote to this one

Mark D (de)

The first HongKong film I saw and definitely one of the best

Mauro S (nl)

reat movie!. I watched this movie when I was 7 years old, still remember it

Sen Q (es)

Pilot speed's song in this film is beautiful, poignant and very moving. If you read reviews on YouTube, it's clearly popular and a movie with a really memorable OST always gains traction, particularly if the soundtrack is very much aligned with the mood and tempo of the film. Overall, it's a solid eight out of ten for me, and while not on the same level, is quite similar to the Shawshank redemption insofar as it has grown in popularity after the fact. It felt like the film ended in a hurry and left some unanswered questions. I felt the end, while the shootout was exciting, lacked substance and a satisfying conclusion. People feel Bacon's metamorphosis from a respected, affluent businessman into an uncompromising, ruthless assassin is unrealistic and excessive but who knows how you'd react if basically your whole family was wiped out by a bunch of thugs for no real reason other than tribalism and gang culture. I've watched it several times and while I feel there were areas it could have maybe been improved, it was more than satisfactory. Great soundtrack as well. Really enjoyable. There wasn't an inordinate amount of violence and the violence wasn't gratuitous but actually necessary for the plot. It's panned by the critics on here as over the top and excessively violent. Love this film

Sudhang S (nl)

excellent silent film. The acting is pretty melodramatic too, but the director employs the technique very, very well; As a result, the actors never seem annoyingly cloy, despite modern tastes. While the plot was fairly simplistic, one overlooks this shortcoming in favour of the sublime editing, cinematography and the extremely beautiful locales