Lilla Jönssonligan och cornflakeskuppen

Lilla Jönssonligan och cornflakeskuppen


En film baserad på de svenska filmerna om Jönssonligan. I denna film får möter vi Jönssonligan som barn då de försöker slå till mot en cornflakesfabrik för att slå beslag på samlarbilder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Noname (ru) wrote: Will Ferrell can be pretty funny sometimes but many of his movies arent really that great. This movie is just decent with only a few funny scenes like the bear sequence. Hopefully he will end up in a better story / scripted flick in the future and then it will be a big hit for sure. Anyway i will recommend this for Ferrell fans or if u just want a fairly comedy.

Panta O (au) wrote: Zozo is a 2005 Swedish-Lebanese film about a Lebanese boy during the civil war, who gets separated from his family and ends up in Sweden living with his grandparents. Written and directed by Swedish-Lebanese director Josef Fares, the story was mostly inspired by his real life immigration to Sweden during the war. He even decided to cast his own relatives in this movie: Abdulahad Fares was Rita's dad and Fares Fares (Josefs brother) was the voice of the talking chicken. The film was Sweden's representative for Best Foreign film at the 78th Academy Awards and won The Nordic Council Film Prize in 2006. But, I'll have to admit that the beginning was too slow... after that picked up, but some of the dreaming sequences were a little bit confusing for an average viewer. At the end, I can say it was a good movie I enjoyed watching... bring us more Lebanese movies!

Grayson W (ru) wrote: An early Bill Paxton is the main draw for this pseudo-slasher. Very minor gore and a plot that never sticks to one direction long enough to make you care. I think it was also the last film for Christopher George before he had a heart attack.

Anne S (us) wrote: I just finished watching this about two minutes ago.. and.. wow.. I almost think the secondary relationship was more interesting than the one the movie was primarily about.. but in a weird way. The main relationship was a bit.. .. rushed.. Eve's 3 yr. relationship was more interesting because she said herself she would NEVER stay in that kind of relationship.. for some reason the difference between a 3 yr girlfriend, or a marriage to a man is not really much.. I felt a bit bad for the girl when she REALLY broke it off.. but I was in a relationship like that once.. no matter how many ways I tried to say things weren't working out she didn't "GET" it.. until I was completely blunt.. I see how that is necessary.. still feel bad for the character though.. The ending of the marriage was just okay.. the guy was an a$$.. I dont' see why she was with him long enough to ever get married.. let alone have kids..

Phil H (ag) wrote: John Carpenter is back, sorta...hurray!! A sequel to 'Vampires'? yeah OK I can go with this, starring Jon Bon Jovi...hurray!...wait what?? Yes so Carpenter produced this movie, a sequel to his quirky gory original that doesn't have anything to do with the first movie (accept for one item), has none of the original cast but exists within the same universe...apparently. Yes this did go straight to DVD.I guess the main thing that bothers me about this movie is the fact its just a complete rehash of the first movie albeit with a new vampire hunting team. The main vampire here is also after the same black crucifix from the first its the same. But what in the name of Aztec buggery is Bon Jovi doing in this movie? your guess is as good as mine because other than attracting a young audience it makes no sense. Wait did I just answer my own question? funny thing is I don't actually think anyone knows this movie exists.So Bon Jovi is the team leader (I'm rolling my eyes right you should be too). There is a priest who in a big faux pas is actually better looking, has a nice tan, has better hair and bigger muscles than Bon Jovi making the aging rocker look kinda pathetic. Add to this there is the token female character who is actually a vampire but holds it back with some miracle drugs, a 14 year old lad and the obligatory token black guy so everybody is happy. I might also add that none of these characters actually end up doing anything of much interest throughout the movie because its so utterly boring and bland.Nothing really happens in this movie, all we see is this group trudging around grimy Mexican locations looking for vampires in ruined abandoned churches (always religious places). All the visuals are totally cliched and have come straight outta the Robert Rodriguez book of filming in Mexico. The main vampire is a skinny white woman who doesn't really come across as threatening at all. She's after the black crucifix that will enable vampires to walk in the daylight somehow, but she seemingly works alone as we don't really get much other bloodsucker action from anyone else...or at all.What really chafes my nipples is the fact director Wallace has the nerve to reuse the tow cable method they used in the first movie for dragging vamps out of buildings into the daylight. In the first flick this was a new quirky angle that kinda worked, here its just blatantly abused simply so it runs along the same lines as the original. There is no need for it at all and it doesn't even make any sense! dragging a thrashing vampire outside through a building? surely the vampire can just grab a hold of anything to stop it. What's so daft about it is in this movie they are so deep inside a building when they use it, so many corners and corridors, its ends up a pointless endeavour as anything could hinder the dragging. I never really understood the point of it anyway, just cut of the head and stake em'.The action feels muted and dull when it does show up, I kinda got the impression Bon Jovi didn't wanna get too sweaty otherwise it might curl up his clearly straightened hairdo. What is more amusing is watching him trying act macho and moving around a vampires nest holding a very obvious fake stake handgun...oh and lets not forget all the silly macho one liners and quips that any action thriller requires. The plot also involves a method of bringing a person back from being a vampire, a blood transfusion removing all the vampire blood and replacing it with human? is that even possible? Surely you would have to drain every last drop of infected blood from the vampire and then you'd die. Did they pinch this idea from 'Near Dark'? I didn't like it there either.The original Carpenter flick wasn't exactly great, it was a cliched western with killers for hire which was kinda different. This movie simple uses the first films name and delivers a much weaker product. Yes there is still blood and gore, yes its about a hired killer...but who cares. All the characters are terribly weak and uninteresting and Bon Jovi in no way comes across as a hardened vampire killer. I could forgive if the vampire hunting team was at least cool with an interesting cast but they couldn't even deliver on that. The fact the main vampire was also pretty awful and dismal is pretty much the final nail in the coffin.

Jimmy H (br) wrote: Very good movie, but they seemed to highlight Tom Cruise's shortness from the very start. He was obviously shorter than both his female and male co-stars. I know he's short - quit making a point of it. Finally, about 2/3d's the way in, Domino's roommate is about an inch shorter.

Michael S (au) wrote: A laughably-bad thriller.

Rebecca W (ag) wrote: Such a great movie about taking chances & living ur life to the fullest. R.I.P. Jay Moriarty ??? ???

Jonah H (ag) wrote: Absolutely loved this movie!!!

830615521 (nl) wrote: I loved it and made me paranoid...LOL

Kurt B (jp) wrote: Tragic, black comedy and a suburban dream that's not all it's *cracked* up to be. The story, not the film.

Tyler R (ag) wrote: This movie was boring. I watched for over 30 mins and nothing happened. Lost interest and turned it off.