Lille Virgil og Orla Frøsnapper

Lille Virgil og Orla Frøsnapper


Lille Virgil (Bror Bødtker-Næss) bor alene i et hønsehus med en etbenet hane. Sammen med den trofaste ven Oskar (Christian Honoré) oplever han spændende ting blandt landsbyens særprægede beboere. Drengenes største problem er Orla Frøsnapper (Allan Olsen), byens værste bølle og børneplager, men han bliver til sidst afsat til et omrejsende cirkus. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hong K (kr) wrote: Yes, we should all strive to live together in harmony. No, it's not as simple as this movie tries to make it. Although I do appreciate how the film portrays the two woman's faiths as something positive. Which is very rare to see in a film these days.

Hoss R (jp) wrote: Pretty terrible. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. The book was an interesting page turner. The film is disjointed, intolerably cast and acted, poorly paced, and, if it weren't for significant emotional improvement during the big reveal, I would have said completely worthless. The screenplay is deplorable - it's like it went out of its way to make the clever ideas and phrases in the book seem as juvenile and stupid as possible. Were they afraid of plagiarizing a work they are adapting for the screen? Avoid this.

Lilianetty l (fr) wrote: After watching this last night, I knew this was going to my fave movies no matter what. I needed to see this with my own eyes (duh, I won't get other eyes to see this). So yes, the editing, the shots, costumes, cast (all of them were stunning and brilliant!), everything! I just love it! (I admire 7th art when all is combine so well, and this movie did it incredible well!). 4 stars of 5 (sometimes it falls but never stops surprising, so yes, I forgive that).August 28, 2013 (review). "I look like a dumb fool" - Ben as George in Hollywoodland XD

Dorianator F (jp) wrote: Amazing movie. Great acting, great music, great story, very depressing and very moody. Classic Lars Von Trier

Claire B (nl) wrote: Love the Kevin Kline comedy French person!

Vanessa J (ca) wrote: UNBELIEVABLY TERRIBLE.But so soooooo good. Thank you, MST3K.

Ionn M (us) wrote: It was rather refreshing to see John Wayne in something else than a war- or western movie. The fact that Lon McQ's friend's wife was the bigger crook than the friend was cleverly disguised until the last car chase and took at least me by surprise. I loved the cars in this movie. However: When will Hollywood learn to make chases where the cars don't appear like locomotives; big and heavy?One thing I found interesting in this movie was that the Seattle police department was (according to the movie-makers) contemplating to equip parts of the force with the Ingram Mac-10 (hence McQ getting his hands on one), which (together with the car) appeared a lot like a product placement to me.All in all a good movie to watch on a rainy afternoon.3,5 out of 5

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F B (gb) wrote: Pretty good film with an ending that was definitely unexpected and a great twist.

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