Lily in the Grinder

Lily in the Grinder

Ryan struggles to find meaning in his provisional existence, exploring sex and death and the idea of 'becoming something.' This surreal film, enveloped in a classical string quartet piece, ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:14 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Ryan struggles to find meaning in his provisional existence, exploring sex and death and the idea of 'becoming something.' This surreal film, enveloped in a classical string quartet piece, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Lily in the Grinder torrent reviews

Rendan L (nl) wrote: An engaging and quirky mockumentary that works surprisingly well despite minor hiccups in pace and effects. Grade: B-

Toby P (it) wrote: Best documentary...ever.

Armando B (ru) wrote: There were some real laugh moments in this movie. This movie was Jim Carrey at his best, with great material, and a great supporting cast, Zooey Deschannel is a great compliment to Mr. Carrey's comic presence, one of the great comedies out there of Jim Carrey. So for this being one good comedy and having great laughs, I give "Yes Man"a solid B-.

Cricket F (fr) wrote: Got bored within the first 5 minutes. But I know some good movies that start out slow that end up being really good.but still slow even after 45 minutes. But curiosity has me keep watching.

Kristina K (nl) wrote: 1/2 star for Chole being brave, 1 star for the soundtrack...The rest is pretty much pointless. I get it... Vincent is "making art" here... blah blah bullshit. The character is a creepy asshole... I have no pity for him. As for people saying this movie made Chole's career... - I don't think so... brave, yeah... controversial - yeah... totally unnecessary.

jason a (br) wrote: Im ten years old and this movie seems a little childish for me. I love the animations of the movie especially Margos character with the details of her and Stuart.


Private U (fr) wrote: This is absolutely piss poor. The lighting is so bad that you cannot see what the hell is going on most of the time. The cut is probably in the drill scene but I just don't care. The acting is bad. The story is truly atrocious. It is just so predictably bad. There is no reason to watch this teen slasher horror with zero redeeming features. Avoid watching this emotionless mess at all costs. There are some boobs in it though.In one word: Dire

Paul T (kr) wrote: An intriguing attempt at an American giallo film

Julia C (br) wrote: ?bergroovy Italian "horror" worth seeing for its gorgeous street shots, Ennio Morricone soundtrack, and general 1971 awesomeness. Probably won't give you nightmares, but it'll totally make you want to go shoe shopping. WARNING: CONTAINS OLD PEOPLE ORGY THAT CAN NOT BE UNSEEN.

Collin R (ag) wrote: me hating this could be because this movie is so old, yet I doubt it, I love lots of movies from the 60s and 70s, yet I found the movie incredibly awkward. Corny, slow and boring, Voight is terrible however Hoffman is great but didnt save this one for me

Carmela (nl) wrote: This held my attention -- a distinct story about a dying girl who's not really dying, given the royal treatment by a New York paper. The newspaperman loves her, she gets guilty about being lavishly treated. A good comedy with a different and worthwhile theme: be warned of the plasticity of the city lights; there is "nothing sacred" in New York.

Mihaella S (nl) wrote: Freaking brilliant. nothign is out of place, the dialogue is amazing and hilarious. The story never ends, with tons of twists and surpizes. I simply loved it.

Indira S (fr) wrote: i got distracted for the whole movie by a beautiful angel LOLJoanne Woodward is such a lucky woman

Sarah H (ru) wrote: Gotta love the classic Disney live action films.

Robert B (ru) wrote: Caveman (Carl Gottlieb, 1981)Caveman was a favorite of mine in the junior-high days, so when it popped up on Netflix Instant, I figured I'd give it another go and see if it was still as much fun as I remembered it being. I doubt it will surprise anyone that the answer is ?no?, but I admit to a great deal of bias here, and I'm probably not going to paint the movie being anywhere near as awful as it actually is; you have been warned. Plot: Atouk (Ringo Starr?yes, that Ringo Starr) is the runt of his tribe, but that doesn't stop him from lusting after Lana (The Black Belly of the Tarantula's Barbara Bach), consort of the tribe's leader, Tonda (The Goonies' John Matuszak). Fast-forward through a series of misadventures that gets Atouk thrown out of the tribe and hooks him back up with Lar (Dennis Quaid), one of the few members of his former tribe who actually liked him, but had been left for dead after a dinosaur attack. Atouk and Lar slowly build up their own tribe of outcasts, misfits, and wanderers, including Tala (the second feature-film appearance for Second City TV alumna Shelley Long). Atouk and Tala grow close...but close enough to derail Atouk's singular goal of winning Lana?Saying ?it's a Hollywood historical rom-com from the eighties? should be more than enough to drive you away, though with the understanding that I'm going kinda loose on ?historical? there. But you get the idea. Inane toilet humor abounds, the romance plot is entirely predictable, etc. But there are three things about this movie that might make you want to watch it: (1) Jim Danforth's stop-motion dinosaur effects are a lovely, and effective, tribute to the golden age of Hollywood. (2) Lalo Schifrin's infectious main title theme will get stuck in your head for months on end. (3) Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach actually did end up together?with the result that both of them effectively retired from feature films not long after they got married (though Starr, of course, had a long and successful career on the Thomas the Tank Engine/Shining Time Station TV show). Starr and Bach both last appeared on the big screen in 1986's To the North of Katmandu (though as I write this IMDB lists Starr as having a cameo in a 2013 production that's still filming). And if that isn't a reason to celebrate this movie, I don't know what is. **