Lily Sometimes

Lily Sometimes

After the death of her mother, a woman returns home to care for her sister.

Clara is happily married to a promising lawyer and lives in Paris. After the sudden death of her mother, Clara has to assume responsibility for her younger sister Lily, whose extreme sensitivity makes her vulnerable. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emiley A (us) wrote: It was really sad//make sure to have lots of tissues

Josh E (ca) wrote: A great story hampered by middling performances and terrible editing choices.There's a gem here, waiting to find the right edit. This version clearly isn't it, but I clearly see the potential. Now if only I could get my hands on the original footage to make the cut I imagine...

Nate T (nl) wrote: Well done Allen film with a great cast. On Blu-ray.

Serge L (it) wrote: This is like a cliff notes of what can happen in the USA related to immigration. You know, all these desperate people that suck up to the english invador. Well they better suck up anyway or else. The film had a nice balance of the evil on every side. USA is the perfect place for that. Why want so much to be in the USA? To be out of garbage country and have the opportunity to be anything of course. Don't mind the shootings!

Bengel W (de) wrote: Well a comedy is great for Christmas and this film is a treat as it is a little different. Listen carefully for the one liner's that tend to have you laughing, some are very subtle. Actors and extras do a great job leading to some fun moments that keep the giggles flowing whilst keeping it real. If you keep Christmas as a Holy day rather than a holiday it is far easier. Nibbles: Mince pies.

Andy T (ca) wrote: Brokeback Mountain can drag at times like most Westerns and romantic dramas, but its heartfelt story combines with Ang Lee's direction and its two leads make this an absorbing and memorable love story.

Felipe F (gb) wrote: Syriana's star studded cast can't help this mess of a movie from becoming a pointless, dull and annoying disappointment.

Talitha B (ca) wrote: The movie is simple yet beautiful. Deserves 6 stars!

bill s (es) wrote: Funny and quirky comedy that has enough grace to carry five movies.

Gaston S (es) wrote: brilliant exploration of desire, sexual awakening, redemption and guilt on the background of a dull medical congress somewhere in Argentina.

Kendra S (us) wrote: Wonderful...Loving oneself no matter what the size because a woman is more than a physical creature.

Alex L (fr) wrote: A comic hor'dourves... very cute.

Andrew B (mx) wrote: Great for its camp value. James Caan and his gang are hysterical.

Joseph H (ag) wrote: This is my favorite Deanna Durbin movie. It's absolutely hilarious. I think I still have my childhood crush on Deanna. *sigh* Oh well, I guess I was born too late. =)