Unconventional narrative about the interactions amongst a group of people in a small town in Alaska, each of whom has guards a secret.

Unconventional narrative about the interactions amongst a group of people in a small town in Alaska, each of whom has guards a secret. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dustin T (kr) wrote: This movie does not look funny at all. Dave Foley looks particularly unfunny.

Sky J (es) wrote: Very good movie... graphic and suspenseful

Melissa M (us) wrote: Hard to watch in part, but very touching and interesting. The U.S. offers many opportunities, yes, but it is sad that we are not as friendly a country as we should be. Also sad to see what bad influences can come from our culture (such as from immodest TV shows, which was the only bad part of the whole film, and it was short).

Vincent O (ca) wrote: I originally watched this 70's action, cop movie, as part of an all night programme at L. Square (in 1980) but unfortunately I remember it being a much better movie. Two goofball cops (a double act of), Caan and Arkin are wacky enough but the comedic feel grates against the strong violence.

David B (mx) wrote: Simply put, lesser Visconti is still Visconti, his style is everything. Not a great film, but a worthwhile film.

Michael W (es) wrote: Earthquake strikes LA in another Hollywood disaster epic with usual all-star cast. Heston's edge-of-divorce character seems awfully similar to his role in AIRPORT 75 (released within a month of each other). Special effects of quake sequence is a highlight, as is a moment of heavy-handedness when Heston expresses shame of his profession for building 40-storey monstrosities in a quake zone.

Van R (es) wrote: "Sergeants 3" was John Sturges' first western after his classic oater "The Magnificent Seven," and the second remake of George Steven's immortal British military movie "Gunga Din" with Cary Grant. You can easily see why "Sergeants 3" has few of the classic qualities of "The Magnificent Seven." Frank Sinatra's Essex Productions made this comic outdoors cavalry yarn, and the first half of this 112 minute sagebrusher surpasses the second half??lensed primarily on Samuel Goldwyn's Hollywood sound stages with obvious backdrops. Naturally, the Rat Pack??Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, and Sammy Davis, Jr star in this rip-roaring fracas of a western that resembles one of John Ford's cavalry pictures. The sensational scenery around Kanab, Utah, is wonderful to look at and three-time Oscar winner Winton Hoch's widescreen cinematography proves to be a definite plus. The action opens in the isolated town of Medicine Bend when renegade Indians belonging to a fraction called the Ghost Dancers massacre the town. Before they manage to kill everyone, the whites manage to wire the U.S. Cavalry and Col. William Collingwood (Dick Simmons) dispatches a detail of troopers under the command of Sergeant Mike Merry (Frank Sinatra of "Ocean's 11"), Sergeant Chip Deal (Dean Martin of "Some Came Running"), and Sergeant Larry Barrett (Peter Lawford of "Good News") to check things out. Our heroes arrive in time to shoot it out with the Indians and blow up some Indians. In the process, Sinatra gets to do some riding and shooting, something that he'd never done in a movie. The money scene occurs in a careening, runaway wagon when Sinatra and Martin tangle with a few Indians, and Sinatra is struck, falls off the wagon, and clings to the wagon as it drags him along and performs an abbreviated version of the famous Yakima Canutt stunt in "Stagecoach." Yes, that's really Frank Sinatra being dragged under the wagon. The second half concerns Barrett's decision to leave the service and marry Amelia Parent (Ruta Lee) and the shenanigans of Merry and Deal to thwart his plans to wed, return to the East, and read law. One of those antics involves finding the hiding place of those savages who wiped out Medicine Bend. In the middle of all this is Jonah Williams (Sammy Davis, Jr) who desperately wants to be a trooper. Billy May's music is so tame that you could put yourself to sleep listening to it. Elmer Bernstein might have injected some life into the proceedings. The cavalry clash with the Indians and the funny ending made the second half bearable. Henry Silva is good as the villainous Mountain Hawk.

Michael T (nl) wrote: A big cast in an entertaining college musical; Garland sings four songs in her first feature film including "The Balboa."

Casey P (nl) wrote: baseball movies to me are like christmas movies....they only come out in baseball season....great road movie....could watch over and over

Carole T (it) wrote: Neither great nor poor...

ScubaSteve Walter M (mx) wrote: The making of a terrorist is displayed splendidly in this thriller. I wish the real life problem of terrorism can be this easy to solve.

Alex V (us) wrote: La 3D est parfaite, on ne s'ennuie pas une seule seconde, les combats sont dynamiques et bien rythme, la qualite de l'image et et la realisation sont parfaite.. que du bonheur !

Eoghan M (jp) wrote: Very Sundance, but a lovely story... can't say more, it's a matter of opinion how the topic of the movie moves you.

Gimly M (mx) wrote: The Paranormal Activity franchise, which has, in my opinion, never been very good, is at its worst in "The Ghost Dimension" (or at the very least, sits on equally-worst footing alongside "PA4")