Tanya is almost sixteen and angry. She is in love with Henrik and unhappy. Her mother has decided they're moving the very same day Tanya gets the job as drummer in Henrik's band, Limbo. It really isn't much fun having to leave behind everything you care about. Nor is it much fun having a mother who keeps on changing her boyfriends. And who doesn't understand that sitting in a coffee bar in town with friends is infinitely better than rummaging about in a field in the country. In fact it just is no good being 16 and being forced to abandon the things that really matter in life - love, friends and music. Unless you can find a way to run away from it all. But that takes courage. And money. Tanya gets a little less angry the day Lisbeth gives her a ride. Lisbeth who's always running around on her moped. And is a good laugh. Lisbeth who's got a boyfriend - Iver. Tanya thinks. Tanya who's only got her sheep dog Floyd. And her little brother Joachim. She thinks. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Phantasm G (jp) wrote: Most ''Based on a True Story'' movies mean yawning, but this remarkable story of Jews living in an underground cave for over a year to avoid capture by the Germans is an incredible tale told by the survivors themselves...interesting.

Tija F (ca) wrote: a somewhat interesting but uninspiring movie. the story is good, but slow pacing, a confusing beginning, and an ambiguous ending to nothing to help matters. it's interesting to watch, mostly bcause it's chinese, but that isn't enough. the lead actor does wonders to create a character you can feel for, but the hopelesness of the whole thing just ruins everything.

Andrew G (it) wrote: Hilariously bad at times, but more often than not it's unforgivably boring.

Sandie M (es) wrote: Incredible movie, children tell stories so naturally... Whilst we learn of terrible and terrifying times through which sheer human endurance, conviction of values and faith in oneself win. Education is the key to freedom... Personal and national... We only stop learning when dirt fills our ears.

Philip Z (us) wrote: The film feels unfocused - the filmmakers just throw together a bunch of domestic, workplace, and romantic crises into a blender and what we end up with is "chick flick frappe." I got bored with this one about halfway through and then dutifully slogged my way through the rest of it. It doesn't get any more focused or interesting in the second hour.

Andrew D (au) wrote: There could have been an interesting story here, perhaps, but the flat performances and empty characters leave it a terrible tedious exercise that will leave you cold.

Troy K (ca) wrote: Not as good as I remembered it, but at the time, there was no comparison. I didn't remember all the corny as hell scenes in the beginning , but still a good flick if you never saw it.

Ce G (ru) wrote: Camille never thought her works would be shown in Rodin's museum. Great movie-biography of this great artist that unluckily lost her head to a man.

Logan M (au) wrote: A study of a young man's conscience, but not just any young man, John Ford's biographical portrait of Abraham Lincoln's life before the presidency is a tender affair.

Ben F (ag) wrote: What led me to this page? Why am I reviewing this?

Arianna B (jp) wrote: This is a quite cute movie, with some funny moment and some reflective one. Unfortunately, the dialogues are quite trivial and the acting quality doesn't always shine through the movie.The plot and the story is nice and ironic, even though there are some absurdities that make it less realistic. Anyway, a classical romantic comedy with an obvious "feel-good" goal.

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