A man and two women lost at sea in a rowboat; their pasts are conveyed in flashbacks throughout the film.

Three people sail aimlessly while remembering their past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carrie T (mx) wrote: Home on the Range is messy in visuals and dull in story.

Colin G (br) wrote: Dodgy Predator rip-off. Worth it just for sheer bad sci-fi movie of the week appeal.

Richard D (gb) wrote: I'm okay with this film. The good stuff feels like an inferior rehash of stuff from the first film, but it isn't the shrieking abomination that "Temple of Doom" is. I find the scenes of prattling on about this guy left that clue and that knight said this thing to be really tedious, like being subjected to a Dan Brown novel, but that is a relatively small part of the film. Alison Doody is nowhere near as interesting as Karen Allen and Julian Glover does not make for an interesting villain, but this film has Sean Connery, so it almost evens out.

Ashley L (ca) wrote: I really enjoyed this one. Helena Bonham Carter as you've never seen her! Tudor history is fascinating and amazing. One of my favorite time periods!

peter h (au) wrote: Mill Creek's 50 Movie Pack: Chilling Classics Reviews SNOWBEAST (TV MOVIE) [1977]: A made for US T.V movie that was made to cash in upon with America's renewed obsession with the legend of Bigfoot in the 1970's. SNOWBEAST is a run of the mill Yeti/Abominable Snowman/ Bigfoot film of the 1970's that is not accidently influenced by Steven Spielberg's JAWS [1975]. Due to its Made- For-TV realise all the kills that take place are done by the screen turning red (which made it easy to slip in advertisements for the Broadcasters). Plot: Sees a small Colorado Town during its winter festival being terrorised by an unknown killer. The culprit turns out to be Bigfoot, a not so happy mythical ape creature. So it's up to a small band of people to go out and to kill it. Thoughts: With a narrative & POV shots that are a direct rip-off form JAWS it's lucky that the subject material was about Bigfoot, one might mistake the film for not having a great white shark. Now how could I not like this tacky TV movie? My rating for SNOWBEAST is a solid 50%.

(ru) wrote: It's very touching, full of hearfulness, but a little bit boring story