A zoology student must try to out smart a murderous and super-intelligent orangutan.

A zoology student must try to out smart a murderous and super-intelligent orangutan. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Conrad G (ca) wrote: This movie started with a very interesting premise, then proceeded to flush it down an animated drain and set it on incoherent fire. Disappointing.

Christy W (jp) wrote: A fusion film combining with lots of movie elements. American comic heros' storyline with western and oriental laughing scenes in it. Fair one.

Andy P (es) wrote: This poorly animated and lackluster addition to the DC animated canon is effectively a collection of bland and mechanical fight scenes, strung together by a thinly written plot loaded with cringe inducing dialogue.

Perrine B (it) wrote: Un braqueur sort juste de prison qu(TM)il est d (C)j pourchass (C) par ses anciens acolytes qui viennent reclamer leur part du gateau sur un butin cach (C) avant les ann (C)es de taule. Voiture explos (C)e, maison d (C)truite, tout celan(TM)impressionne pas le moins du monde Mario qui decide de se faire oublierqqs temps pour ne pas causer de dommage sa belle qui l(TM)a attendu toutes ces ann (C)es. Sur ce il va voir son frangin Patrick, cur (C) de son (C)tat, pour lui demander de l(TM)aide. Le voici propuls (C) cur (C) de remplacement dans un patelin perdu au milieu de nulle part. Pendant que Mario doit faire faceaux paroissiens et leurs problemes, Patrick est charg (C) d(TM)aller revendreles bijoux du butin des criminels de Marseille.L(TM)histoire est simple et la fin cucul mais tout l(TM)attrait du film residedans les 2 protagonistes principaux : Bigard en cur (C) qui jure et qui rgleles problmes des gens sa manire, c(TM)est tout bonnement hilarant. DavidStrajmayster en catho qui se lache aussi. Pas de finesse, que du lourd,mais qu(TM)est-ce qu(TM)on se marre !

Gareth M (es) wrote: Reminded me very much of "Rushmore" with the reenactment of Rambo by kids. I never really got Rushmore either, and perhaps not this film eitherThe kids are annoying, the bully is a bully, and the protagonist is too guilable and too decent. The French new romantic kid is too niche, as the film middle classness sets up a very anti or polar opposite of "This is England".The ending brings it all together, in quite a sweet touching way, its just a shame the first 2 thirds were so soft and hard work.

Ballet S (ca) wrote: Good music. Don't watch for plot.

Noname (fr) wrote: This sequel was decent like the first movie. Not so funny movies tho and perhaps Ice Cube fits better in other genres then comedy but still there are some fun scenes. Story shortly is about he and his family buying a new house but their new home is a total disaster... There are alot better movies out there but if u havent anything else to watch go ahead with this one.

James H (de) wrote: A powerful and disturbing film, The cast does well. It's hard to believe something like this could have happened, and so recently too. It does drag a little sometimes, but it was always interesting, just slow at times.

Phillip O (au) wrote: I wanted to throw something at the screen as this film opened--it seemed painfully self-conscious--but it (and lead Samantha Morton) began to worm its way into my esteem once I absorbed it. In some ways, it's a L'ETRANGER for our times, straight outta Scotland.

Jack G (it) wrote: Sometimes the camera is all over the place, but it gets better on another viewing years later. Dynamite performances, some interesting shots, but just a scathing attack on right and wrong. It's still cinema even though it's in one room, and I wouldn't want it to leave it. We're stuck with this plan Ethan Hawke has set up, and the only release is Uma Thurman.

Cody C (ru) wrote: I dunno why this movie gets such a bad rap. Sure, it's not as good as Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, and the third act is pretty slapdash, but there are so many great moments here and the humor is clever throughout. "Look, Vance-- the calilillies are in bloom a-gain!" is maybe one of of the best delivered lines in film history.

bill s (au) wrote: I am not the people this movie was shooting for but this movie bored me to tears.

Qi Z (gb) wrote: A work on the mystery of human condition -- why we destroy what we love most dearly in life.

Jason R (fr) wrote: Late '50s schlock low budget monster movie. You get what you'd expect, cheesy costumes, bad effects (that try to be the Creature from the Black Lagoon), and stock characters. There is something about these type of films however that is kind of entertaining. There are no surprises, and the movie just kind of ends. Attack of the Giant Leeches was bait for MST3K and covered in 4th season of the series.

Adam R (mx) wrote: I can see why Stalin hated it.All in all, the two parts are well-shot, but the allegories and symbols go too far to work well as a traditional film and not far enough to be the masterpiece I've heard it touted as. The colorized episode came across more as pretentious than inventive.

Ryan M (kr) wrote: Perfect movie. It could have gone on for 6 hours.

Justine J (au) wrote: loved learning bobs story. very motivational:)

FilmGrinder S (au) wrote: "Come on, make my day."-Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood)

Lisa B (au) wrote: Rare, real, and well executed on every level