The untold story of the first women in U.S. history to be sent into direct ground combat.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:81 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:army,   iraq,   combat,  

The untold story of the first women in U.S. history to be sent into direct ground combat. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Keith O (nl) wrote: good film! But, it felt like a documentary at first.

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Tracy C (fr) wrote: You should check this movie out if you enjoy underrated, sentimental movies. I was pleasantly surprised. Stars Robin Williams & daughter and David Duchovny & wife.

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Orlando D (kr) wrote: Deadly Blessing by Wes Craven is a mixed bag. It does not have the low budget intensity of his earlier work like Last House on the Left or The Hills Have Eyes or its commerical appeal found later on in a Nightmare on Elm Street(Craven did re-create the bathtub scene in Nightmare, seen first in Deadly.) Here we have a young couple(Douglas Barr and Maren Jensen) celebrating their one year anniversary in a small desolate village where The Hittities, as one character states "They make the Amish look like swingers." Barr was a member and left to marry Jensen, who has been called an Incubus. Barr is accidentially killed and Jensen's girlfriends come for support including a young Sharon Stone(who finds an aversion to spiders and has the creepiest scene.) Craven, working with a small budget, manages to get Hollywood vet Ernest Borgine and newcomers including Lisa Hartman and the cast is good. It starts off rather interesting but towards the end feels like a rush job and the viewer feels rather cheated. Not one of Craven's worst but could have been a whole lot better.

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Jiana W (nl) wrote: Lmao. One of the Rotten Tomatoes reviews starts with "God help us all." Yeah I guess in all fairness that is how this movie can be summed up. But... it's a Pauly Shore movie from the early 90s. What do you expect? It is what it is. I laugh at the goofy humor and antics. It is a movie that is absolutely beyond making any sort of sense or staying within the confines of believable logic. It's just a movie about a cave man who is frozen for thousands of years, then discovered by two best buddies as they try to dig a swimming pool in their backyard. How Dave's parents are down with him creating a giant, ugly hole in their yard in what is only a shallow attempt to be cool is never explained. How digging a pool would make one cool is never explained either. This is California. I thought just about everybody had a swimming pool. Meh, but who cares? As I said, "Encino Man" is what it is and doesn't seem to aspire to be anything more than that. It's ridiculous and silly, and I like it, though not as much as I used to. It hasn't aged very well, haha.

Sean N (nl) wrote: No one told me about the great atmosphere in this movie. It's crazy it surpasses Night of the living dead in terms of and a bunch of others. I'll take atmosphere over gore any day now and it's American to boot. I mean before I watched this I was only used to the great atmospheric pleasures from spanish and italian horror

Shawn W (ca) wrote: amazing... ithought this might be jsut another pool movie but this film is soo much more...jansen gives what might be the best performance of her career...this movie achieves everything that it set out to do and does it all well...everthing about it is torn also gives a stand out performance that i will remember..there are so many reasons to watch this movie, but mostly because it will grip you and hold you to it for 100 minutes!