Lions Love

Lions Love

Three actors in Hollywood live and love together. A director comes from New York to make a movie about actors and Hollywood.

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Jay S (jp) wrote: Contrived. Hackneyed. Plagiarized from better movies. Not worth big words or complete sentences. Awful.

Anne B (es) wrote: Columbia's submission for Best Foreign Language Film. One of the best Latin American films of 2011!

John F (mx) wrote: A very entertaining and insanely gorey slasher movie with likable characters... what more do you need to make this one of the better slasher movies of recent years?

Thrall T (kr) wrote: Bliss Cavender is an outsider. Living in a small town in Texas, just outside of Austin (a place where she can escape her small town life), and is forced to do beauty pageants, (which she hates), by her mother. She is desperate to be free and get to know herself more as an individual. "Whip it" is a star studded piece of what I call lyrical cinema. Ellen Page, Marcia Gay Harden, Juliette Lewis, Drew Barrymore and so many more make this movie a strong alternative to the average teen movie. During one of her trips to Austin on a fluke, Bliss finds out about a roller derby match and convinces her best friend Pash to go. On another fluke she tries out for one of the teams and that's when Bliss's story begins. Wicked one-liners, the aspiration of Bliss finding herself and the line of characters makes this movie a definite must see. However, the cliches are a little over the top and obvious; there's also a love interest that makes us all throw up. So pop the bottle and "wine" up some friends, grab the perfect snack and enjoy Drew Barrymore's first and my personal favorite directed film.

Nick A (ca) wrote: The pretentious tagline for Robert Redford's new political thriller reads, "If you don't STAND for something, you might FALL for anything." I love movies, but I won't stand, or fall, for pompous, conceited trash that thinks it can rake in an audience by addressing the "War on Terror" (a recurring, progressively dull subject) and tossing up a cast full of previous Oscar-contenders -- and that's exactly what 'Lions for Lambs' is...and nothing more.

Robert M (ag) wrote: Seagal when are you going to realise you have passed your Sell by Date this Old School Action Wannabe was a big let down unsurprisingly, the opening action scene was good which from then on went straight downhill with Seagal weazing through the movie rather than actually speaking it made him once again rather hard to hear. Also once again the Villains were very wooden as in previous Seagal movies, looking like they didnt really care being on the set ( not that I can blame them ) acting overall was just sloppy and as usual the overall movie looked rushed. Lack of coreography and continuity in the Action Scenes, hoards of people being shot down like standing timber with nothing more than a small automatic weapon which is silly in my opinion. This is purely a movie for Seagal Loyalists nothing more used to be one but not anymore !

Robert M (nl) wrote: A watered down and simplified version of Columbine. The dialogue was godawful and unrealistic. Uwe Boll can't do anything right.

Josh P (mx) wrote: good film defintly see it again !!!

Scott A (us) wrote: Based on a story that revolves around a reclusive Brian Wilson type character and featuring the music of the Rheostatics with the song "Claire" and original score. A must see!

Chris S (gb) wrote: stakeout is a classic form my childhood, this i can't even remember

Jairo A (au) wrote: I found Short Circuit 2 to be better than the first part: it was funnier, the robot "Johnny 5" is more involved in almost every scene. And it's also cool to see how he even plays the hero part at the end of the movie even though he was about to expire. I really enjoyed this movie...I completely disagree with all the harsh critics, check it out!

Edgar C (it) wrote: It could have been conceived as a four-hour epic and it still would not lose its magic. Berri's wonderful and visually stunning adaptation could also be interpreted as a reflection of the Turkish masterpiece Susuz Yaz (1964), and how that precious resource called "water" still awakens the greed even in the most uncivilized human beings. Terrific score by Jean-Claude Petit and magnificent landscapes, with a surprisingly decent Depardieu and the always immortal Yves Montand.97/100

Vanessa v (kr) wrote: Wonderful film about an independent and determined woman. I really enjoyed seeing the character work through her internal struggles to conform or not conform to a conventional life. Judy Davis' acting is something memorable.

William C (es) wrote: Films that double as if they are art on a canvas are some of the richest and most beautiful things that can come out of cinema, Il Conformista or The Conformist in English is exactly that. It not only has a very good story but in general looks stunning, the film is known for its camera angles but also its use of colour and the general production design that also catches the eye. From Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci comes this excellent piece and it is essential for any budding director or cinematographer that they witness the skill level put into this. The film is basically all about Fascism and shows a man sent on a mission to take out a former professor of his who is too anti-fascist for the regime of Italy in the 1930's. The film sounds much like a spy thriller and although in ways he is a spy, this is not all about exciting action, no this is dramatic and thrilling but does not require shootouts to entertain, it uses artistry, a solid script and characters who could be studied for many an hour.Marcello Clerici is the main person in this movie and is just as Fascist as your next Fascist, this man is willing to give things up to carry out the mission set out for him and important things that come his way in life do not stand a chance against his belief in normality and Fascism. The most intriguing character is for me not Clerici but the professor's wife Anna who is shrouded in mystery, we never truly know much about her but the way she is used in the story is fascinating. It uses many different people to get the story across whether within his friend, his Fascist overseer of sorts or his soon to be wife Giulia and that is really what makes this complex.It is impossible not to talk about the way this movie looks after you have seen it with Bertolucci and cinematographer Vittorio Storaro creating something truly remarkable and although this could easily be called pointless angles, they actually do convey emotion or set the tone of the scene that is at hand. This film could be also get called pretentious but really it is not, many a film can use artistic elements in a way which is begging for awards but this feels different though. It actually tells a story alongside the beauty on the technical side of things and Bertolucci makes full use of that to create an interesting but also good looking piece of cinema.As for the actors well it is of course Jean-Louis Trintignant as Clerici who is fantastic among all involved but do not take anything away from other cast. Stefania Sandrelli as Giulia is good and although at first can feel annoying starts to grow on you as the movie progresses and becomes a well worked character. I particularly liked the character of Manganiello played by Gastone Moschin who as the overseer I mentioned is just a great character and one that usually turns up in some major scenes of the film.So The Conformist, adapted from the 1951 novel of the same name and given an artistically wonderful showing on the big screen, having never read the novel at the time of viewing I cannot say whether it is a true adaption but it does not matter to me if a book is made a little differently on the big screen. Bertolucci nailed this one and this could be said to be his best ever work, what stops it from being perfect is maybe some parts of the beginning and it can have a slow pace at a few places but nevertheless this movie is excellent and one that is just a fine piece, finely done.

Faith W (mx) wrote: I love me some Goldie Hawn but this was just ....shit

Chris (jp) wrote: Decent, entertaining little Film-Noir, basically a knock-off of Shadow of a Doubt.

Sarah P (de) wrote: why did i watch this ? who knows,it sucked hard,,,,low budget , Beware !!!

Alonso A (kr) wrote: Besides some technical flaws, Looper is crafted in a great way, has great actings, a clever and original script and enough surprises to delight any sci-fi lover.

Caitlin L (us) wrote: A cute movie for the entire family.