Lips of Blood

Lips of Blood

Frederick sees a photograph of a ruined seaside castle, which triggers a strange childhood memory. He then goes on a strange quest, aided by four female vampires, to find the castle and the beautiful woman who lives there.

Frederick sees a photograph of a ruined seaside castle, which triggers a strange childhood memory. He then goes on a strange quest, aided by four female vampires, to find the castle and the beautiful woman who lives there. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carl W (br) wrote: Jia was a little bit too ambitious to include many recent controversies. But it is a good thing to express his own take on such tragedies. Impressive opening but a little shallow as the stories develop.

Raul V (it) wrote: First off, if you have HBO right now, WATCH, DVR, or ON-DEMAND this doc immediately! Director Eugene Jarecki ("Why We Fight" & "The Trials Of Henry Kissenger") delivers a very complex, at times even contradicting, view on Ronald Reagan's entire private & public life. For those on the left who thought of him as a clueless, heartless puppet of the powers that'll be more than a little surprised. For those on the right who thought of Reagan as a God of sorts who saved freedom & capitalism & perhaps could do no'll be more than a bit taken back by the actual journey the man took in his life to ever reach that kind of persona. Everyone else interested will undoubtedly find something new or very intriguing about the life of this man. An all-encompassing documentary that never trashes the man in any way, nor does it placate to today's right wing punditry in any shape or form. There's a lot of myth-making & evoking pertaining to the ex-President nowadays. This doc hopefully helps deflate some of those myths (Ex: Reagan was never hardcore against illegal immigrants in this country...He fuckin' granted over 2.5 million immigrants amnesty towards the end of his presidency!) It's funny...almost everyone I know my age or older seem to have a definite feeling one way or the other about the man. The ironic part of that is that I believe very few of those people actually KNOW anything of relevance pertaining to the ex-President. If you're this might even learn something. For all others out there...keep watching your "American Idol" & "Jersey Shore" marathons.

Gwen J (ca) wrote: This film is brilliant - a drama/black comedy. I laughed a helluva lot at the nasty characters in the family who were drawn so cleverly and satirically. But it was marketed so badly that the people who'd love it (like me) are usually turned off (I expected some shallow American uncomedy like Friends with Kids).

Ghjuvan Sebastianu G (au) wrote: bizarre. mais intressant.

David J (au) wrote: The stepping was pretty cool, but the rest of the film comes up short. Too much going on, and the protagonist is somewhat of a chump.

Dorota R (ca) wrote: I loved this movie. Not for hyperactive audiences, it feels a bit like a lecture and knowledge of languages definitely helps if you don't want to strain your eyes reading the subtitles. I loved the conversation conducted by the three women (Catherine Deneuve, Stefania Sandrelli and Irene Papas) at the captain's table (John Malkovich. Very thoughtful, amazing movie.

Astrid J (ca) wrote: It's really great for a Canadian low-budget film! But had this been from America, it would have only gotten 2 and a half stars. However, it's a really interesting and weird movie and I really enjoyed watching it. Good effort Canada!!

Neil P (de) wrote: Starting to get silly

Jack G (fr) wrote: Shit, this movie was so surreal it made Branded to Kill look like Sesame Street. It's a letdown in that the film is kind of sort of not really remaking with a No. 3 killer fighting for life against a No. 1 killer or a Hundred Eyes killer, but without much at all in the way of any story or characters to much care about (and that girl that keeps begging for No. 3 to teach her how to kill, goddAMN she was annoying). It just moves along from one sequence after another- not without some truly remarkable movements with the camera and with color, so stylized that its like a Kabuki fever dream that the samurai in the dream scenes of Brazil might have - without much flow. It actually makes the argument, in an ironic way, that it might have been a good thing that Suzuki had the interference he had with the studios back in the 60s. With a little resistance he was unstoppable with stuff kile Branded and Tokyo Drifter. Pistol Opera sees his head completely unloaded, a colossal bag of visual tricks that can be dazzling but becomes baffling and, sadly on occassion, slightly dulling to the senses.

Sarah F (ag) wrote: I would like to see this, i think...

Alex D (br) wrote: oh god, an 80's movie with the coreys.......

Aaron G (jp) wrote: The only way to get through this movie is to mentally assume these men are all gay and this is a look at gay life in the military and not just a cheesy airheaded movie about pretty men being pretty.

Abigail S (au) wrote: Now that's a film, honeybunch. Fonda is out of place like Crawford was out of place in Our Dancing Daughters. That is to say, in a brilliant, gender ahead of one's time kind of way.

Marie T (gb) wrote: Good Movie...Where is the actor Brian Vaughn IV? He only has a small part but he is no where to be found.

Austin G (us) wrote: Parts were enjoyable, but overall, That Awkward Moment is a movie that I probably won't ever watch again.

Quincy T (ag) wrote: Closer-to-life version of Jean Grey and Professor X.It may be strange that a mockumentary crew follows a random underachiever guy who just lost custody of his son and sent to community service. After a while it turns out he has special power, a straight up X-Men material also accompanied by his best buddy in wheelchair. The movie later follows his squandered life, which is quite identifiable because he struggles with daily problems even with his superpower, although the cycle of his drug abuse can be monotonous at the end.Superheroes movies usually opt for mix of fantasy, using outlandish power, and connection to the character, displaying their flaws to humanize them. American Hero clearly leans towards the latter as Melvin (Stephen Dorff) stumbles even on ordinary problems, let alone crime fighting. He looks stoned and disheveled almost the entire time. There's a good quality in his character, though one must look deep enough.I remember Stephen Dorff from Blade as the cool named antagonist Deacon Frost, as Melvin he's the complete opposite, albeit ironically still with super power. Melvin is talented and smart even without the gift, yet he's using the telekinesis power to grope women with random objects and score drugs. The movie invests so much on establishing that he's a screw up, it has repetitive party montage for a good portion of the runtime, which tends to get stale after a while.Eddie Griffin as Lucille, the sidekick in wheelchair is also Melvin's moral compass. He's a charismatic comedian, cracking jokes and having tendency to flirt with women, but he presents good brotherhood relationship for Melvin. It's also nice that the movie adds some interviews with supporting chars to establish heroic or mundane atmosphere as well as adding slight realistic flavor.This is in heart, a comedy drama, not an ambitious use of super power like Chronicle. It does have solid special effect for some sequences, but it's still limited and might not look superbly authentic. The ones that work better are those seemingly happen out of nowhere and its use of mockumentary serves these tricks well.American Hero might not be as grand as the title or premise suggests, but it brings more connection with the characters than larger sci-fi or action movies. Melvin is not the hero we deserve, he's the one we will have to make do.

Loren R (us) wrote: Auf und fr sich wre die Story ganz in Ordnung gewesen. Ein bisschen Hexensabbat mit romantischen Kitsch verbunden. Die zwei Hauptdarstellern find ich zwar hbsch und charmant, aber das wre auch schon alles gewesen! Der Film kommt einfach nicht in die Gnge und man fragt sich am Schluss, war das schon etwa alles? Ein vllig bertriebenes Theater, den ganzen Film hindurch und am Ende ist so einfach. Da gibt es sicher noch bessere Hexenfilme, die mehr Spannung erzeugen!