Lipton Cockton in the Shadows of Sodoma

Lipton Cockton in the Shadows of Sodoma

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Lipton Cockton in the Shadows of Sodoma torrent reviews

Lor R (ag) wrote: Finally, a movie for intelligent adults.

Olli H (de) wrote: A nice history lesson and a bloody action film, "Ironclad" tells us that the evil King John (the same mofo from Robin Hood) was even a bigger dick than what was told. Losing most of his royal power when forced to sign the Magna Carta treaty, King John (Paul Giamatti) manages to get himself an new army and is slowly killing all who signed the treaty. Fighting back is Baron Albany (Brian Cox) who with the help of a templar knight Marshal (James Purefoy) and few other loyalist manages to hold the keep of Rochester Castle before King John, since it holds a strategic value. With promise of help coming from the french, the men must hold the castle or die trying.Overall, it was good sword & axe epic,the cast is quite good and so is the action but with the sudden and veeeery forced romance side-plot it loses some of it's mojo. But I like history and I didn't know this story, so that added it's entertainment value.

Andy S (gb) wrote: Dark... brooding and stoney faced Lundgren rides into town on his trusty old Harley on a mission of God to cleanse the area of evil doings! Ha!I couldnt take this seriously at all... Lundgren quoting the Bible before leaping into a martial art attack on his opponents just does'nt ring true.... Not once does he smile the whole way thru... maybe a grimace here and there almost in a Terminator style way he has become a devout Christian killing machine!Saying that i did enjoy it, but just found it all abit tongue in cheek... an odd outing for Dolph but like Red Scorpion, i do like his involvement with Native Tribes!

Unber A (au) wrote: One word - horrible!

Brandon S (jp) wrote: I thought this movie was fantastic. Wood Harris is a great actor and can be a fantastic one if he is supported with a good plot and good actors around him and thats what they did in this movie.

Private U (ca) wrote: This is a really powerful look at alcoholism and AA meetings...

Jess L (ag) wrote: A bit of a creeper - enjoyable but not in my top list of comedies. Take it for what it is.

Nadir A (nl) wrote: a masterpiece, classic, one of the best of Hrishida