Liquid Rising

Liquid Rising

Liquid Rising is a crowd funded feature film-length documentary by Michael Krukar about the StarCraft eSports team "Team Liquid" and community.

A documentary that follows Team Liquid, a competitive StarCraft 2 team, as they compete in tournaments. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Liquid Rising torrent reviews

mark v (au) wrote: Weird and whimsical. Rather Harry Potter like. But no real storyline. Don't bother. You have see similar special effects movies like this before.

Zmoog C (us) wrote: heartwarming and fascinating glimpse into the reality of what Iraq was like for many in Iraq for the thousands children orphaned by Saddam's brutal regime and how dear the innocents was only to get much, much worse. If you loved long ago classics like "The Gods Must be crazy" ; or "The red balloon", you might just love this as well.

Timothy R (ca) wrote: An ok portrayal of John Lennon, although I don't think Christopher Eccleston got the character quite right. the accent sounded great but he spoke so slowly that it made the John Lennon seem like a dim-wit when in reality he was anything but. It was interesting that the film focused on what part of Lennon's life, the downfall of The Beatles and the rebirth of Lennon himself. I thought that the title meant that Lennon's character was exposed but no, the title is a play on words and means the literal as well as the metaphorical.

Simon C (fr) wrote: The title might be used as cockney rhyming slang, giving an indication of its worth.

Odysseus H (ag) wrote: amazing, punisher done right

Voo B (mx) wrote: ... Well, the talent is there. But the style of this movie is so weird. I really didn't like it.

roger t (jp) wrote: "nail it Kid, remember?' does Lumet nail this one? not quite, but almost!. .

Barbara B (es) wrote: Why have I never seen this before? Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Bryan E (jp) wrote: It's bad when your film is half stock footage from the first movie told through flashbacks that don't make sense when the character telling them wasn't there for half of them. The huge highlight of the film is Eric Freeman as Ricky, insane over the top performance, worth the watch just for his performance. GARBAGE DAY!

Alan V (au) wrote: A lot of footage from the previous two films is repeated, but it's consistently amazing how that footage benefits from the new context.

Dave J (br) wrote: Tuesday, September 21, 2010 (1960) Home From The Hill DRAMA A better way to describe this film is kind of a Western soap opera with an unsatisfying conclusion. Involves infidelity, misuderstandings and temptations! I don't mind these type of films except that this one was rather predictable without any kind of resolution! 2 out of 4 stars

Brian K (ag) wrote: A rollicking good 'ol fashioned western made iconic by the teaming up of Howard Hawks and the The Duke.

Nodar S (kr) wrote: For the sake of Childhood.

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joe F (ru) wrote: This movie is Fantastic like Boyz n the hood.From Justin to Kelly? NO! Do The Right Thing? YES! La La Land? HELL YEAH. just like film. That's the Story rest in peace eazy-E RIP.

Sarah D (es) wrote: Not sure how I missed this when it came out. Moore can sometimes be over the top, but his premise is usually sound, and films are at least entertaining. This one was less of him talking than usual (a good thing), and more interviews with people in other countries about systems that are working for them: health care, prison reform, etc. I thought I knew about most of this material but there were still some surprising 'wow' moments. Moore also distilled the points of the recent documentary about black incarceration as modern slavery into 2 minutes without missing much, so that was impressive. Though I'm sure it's supposed to make you want to change America, it really just made me want to move to another country. Worth a watch to see what America is missing.

Brandon W (fr) wrote: Confirmation is a HBO film, directed by Rick Famuyiwa who is well known for directing and writing Dope, and it stars Kerry Washington in a true story about the controversy of Clarence Thomas from Anita Hill who told the press that she was sexually harassed by him. I actually have never heard of this film, until I start seeing ads for it on Entertainment Weekly, and for some reason it reminded me of Scandal, which I've never seen before. So coming in with no idea what the film was about, this film is actually fantastic. It has some great craftsmanship, whether it it's the direction by Rick Famuyiwa, or the writing by Susannah Grant which was a surprise to me of how well written it was. The cast in it is stellar that there wasn't a single performance that wasn't bad or all right, and I do like the story which even though I knew the end the story, the journey of getting to the destination is intense that got me invested in it, even emotionally as I cared about the characters and wanting to see them get through this. The characters are three-dimensional and I learned a lot about them, and the songs by Harry Gregson-Williams are very good. The court scenes are exciting to watch as I wanted to hear the stories from both sides. In the beginning, I like the ambiguity of Clarence Thomas whether he actually did it or not, and when it gets to the middle to the end, it gets close to the answer that it becomes very certain to it. Watching this reminded me of a show called American Crime Story: The People v. O.J Simpson that I actually the same praises in that show as this HBO film, spot-on acting, terrific writing that felt real and lively to me which make me think that I'm actually seeing the real life story of it, and even when I knew the result of the stories, I wanted to see how it went there, and when it went to the ending, I got mad in all the right places that made me felt sorry for some of the characters that tried their best for what they got to do what is best for it.