Lisbet & Ulf show

Lisbet & Ulf show

Stand up med Lisbet Dahl og Ulf Pilgård

Stand up med Lisbet Dahl og Ulf Pilgård . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex E (fr) wrote: While the movie is pretty visually dated by today's standards, it's still well made and has plenty of charm thanks to the combination of Tobey Maguire's performance as the titular hero, and Sam Raimi's direction, especially since the latter is a fan of the character. Spider-Man, besides Blade and the X-Men, was the hero that made the comic book superhero genre credible once again.

Angelia S (it) wrote: One of Stanford's better art films. Dechanel is really good and Christopher Lloyd is brilliant as usual.

Gary B (it) wrote: Predictable and boring.

(jp) wrote: awesome, awesome, awesome!!!! hrithik is jus superb!!..kudos to farhan!

Anthony L (us) wrote: I've waited 16 years to see this, I'm glad to report that it is as good as I'd hoped. I've always been a big fan of Steve Buscemi, who isn't?, and I enjoyed Animal Factory and Interview too. If you're not a fan of his however, you need not trouble yourself. I found the pace and irrelevance of the story to be quite refreshing, until I remembered that the last great golden age of cinema was USA 93-96 and so I became nostalgic. Then I laughed at Chlo Sevigny's haircut. I loved the 90's.

Mole H (mx) wrote: Kinda creepy, some interesting design work, and it seems pretty clear that Alien owes some plot points to this, but still pretty mediocre.

Adam R (gb) wrote: An emotional live-action Disney film. It's not one of my favorites, but I enjoyed it. (First and only viewing - 3/13/2010)

Squall C (gb) wrote: Was I the only one who saw the main actor as Steve Martin?Why is it that most amazing movies from the 40's-50's never have any good endings. They all just sort of... end.

Art S (de) wrote: The great detective from Honolulu is returning home from a European holiday by way of New York. On the luxury liner, he and number one son Lee (Keye Luke) meet a suspicious lady who is being followed by a suspicious guy. She hides a parcel in Charlie's luggage -- since he is a VIP waved through US customs (!), whatever she was carrying makes it into the country. Turns out it is a diary with lots of scandalous information that would reveal corruption of government officials, mob ties, and more. Of course, she is murdered and Charlie works on the case alongside New York's finest. Warner Oland stars in another solid entry (one of his last before his death from alcoholism) in the long running series.

Mohammed A (br) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Fabeha S (mx) wrote: An intimate post-war text that shows the period of Great Depression with sophistication carefully placed in a vessel of fantasy. Scorcese' brilliant work shows Paris of 1930s and how the war had left the city crippled with hunger, poverty, and orphans. Three very strong characters helping each other to 'fix' in them what was broken, makes the film a personal experience. Its a guided tour for those who might have lost their purpose to function in a machine called 'world'. its magical!

Paul D (es) wrote: I really liked this movie. However, it did drag on a bit from time to time, but overall it is a good watch! It is pretty much the same as every other sports movie though. While sports have never been my thing, I do enjoy them in movie form. Worth watching.

Jairo A (au) wrote: Colonia was an excellent movie that is full of hope, love, friendship, sadness, and ruthless dictatorial rule in Chile. Both lead actors do an excellent job throughout the film. The pacing is great and it kept me on the edge of my seat the full time! I highly recommend this film if you want to watch an excellent drama/thriller type movie...and also, if you want to learn a little bit about what it was like to live in Chile during Augusto Pinochet's regime. The Paul Schafer character appears calm on the outside but you'll soon find out what a monster this guy really was. I knew a little bit about Chile's history under Pinochet's rule but this movie made me want to learn more and I started researching what horrible acts took place in Colonia Dignidad (now known as Villa Baviera). This movie would have earn a 10/10 rating from me but I felt it left out some important things. Though the movie hints at the monster Schafer was, it doesn't dig in deeply enough for me. Also, it would have been nice to see a Pinochet tied in better in this film. Overall, it was EXCELLENT! 4.5/5 OR 9/10