Lisbon Story

Lisbon Story

Lisbon Story is Wim Wender’s homage to Lisbon and films. A sound engineer obtains a mysterous postcard of a friend who at the moment is filming a film in Lisbon. He sets out across Europe to find him and help him.

The director Friedrich Monroe has trouble with finishing a silent b&w movie about Lisbon. He calls his friend, the sound engineer Phillip Winter, for help. As Winter arrives Lisbon weeks ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric L (us) wrote: Great documentary about Night of the Living Dead and the impact it had on cinema. Highly recommend it when it gets released. I was fortunate enough to get in to a pre-release screening.

Jose A (mx) wrote: very informative, highly recommended

The N (it) wrote: muy buena y entretenida. Excelente cuota de accin.

Larry Y (jp) wrote: Makes EMPIRE OF THE ANTS look like genius

Jessica H (us) wrote: An updated version of othello that is not a complete waste of time.

Marita P (es) wrote: I would watch it again and again if I could.

Benjamin L (fr) wrote: Dialogue was idiotic, it was all a confusing mess, but it was a lot of fun to watch.

Victor M (nl) wrote: A weird sy fy film from 1972, do you imagine Trafalmadore planet?

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Amisterdan C (mx) wrote: Isso sim uma adaptao de um livro. Lio para os retoristas de Hollywood, sim possvel respeitar a obra original

Timothy J (ag) wrote: Pretty standard horror movie fare.

Roy C (it) wrote: I like how the bigger alien is stuck to his chair.

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