DEFA film by Konrad Wolf.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:1957
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

A story about the rise of Nazism based on a novel by a German-Jewish author who managed to survive by fleeing to the USA. The movie focuses on working class Berliner Lissy Schroeder who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin R (jp) wrote: May God have mercy on your evil soul.A foreigner that has settled in America has his family arrive and he is excited to get them to his new home in the west and finally settle down together; unfortunately, their stage coach to their new home also has a man and his friend recently released from jail. The men kill his wife and son and the foreigner quickly gets revenge and kills them. He intends to move out of town when the brother of the prisoner arrives and swears revenge. The foreigner will not be able to get out of town without quickly being identified as the man responsible for the death of the brother."Out here when you're offered a drink, mam, you drink."Kristian Levring, director of Fear Me Not, The Intended, and The King is Alive, delivers The Salvation. The storyline for this picture is very well told and contains wonderful characters that are easy to root for. The settings and feel are also perfect. The acting was splendid and the cast includes Mads Mikkelsen, Eva Green, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Jonathan Pryce. "Your death is going to buy us some time."This was recently added to Showtime Anytime and I had to add it to my queue. I've become a fan of Mads Mikkelsen and found this to be a unique and fun role to watch him in. The action and characters are very entertaining and I loved how the story came together. This is the best modern western I've seen in awhile and I recommend seeing this film at least once."Once you've all had your way with her, cut her throat."Grade: B

Alvin C (it) wrote: Epic martial arts flick. Loved it!

Todd S (mx) wrote: From Peter Pan to a bullied outcast, Jeremy Sumpter continues to show his tremendous versatility as an actor in Death & Cremation. This cast was the whole reason I wanted to see this movie, but unfortunately it falls well short of my expectations. Stanley (Brad Dourif) is a loner and a serial killer who runs the perfect business for getting rid of evidence, a crematorium. He's a lonely man and nothing exciting happens to him until a loner named Jared (Sumpter) starts working for him. This film tries very hard to be something it's not and that's creepy. Death & Cremation isn't about blood and gore, but rather moves very slowly and methodically in order to try and freak us out, but sadly it doesn't. Stanley and Jared aren't guys you're going to be scared of, more like two guys you'd like to hang out with and that's the problem. The audience can relate to them and isn't scared of them at all. That being the case this film should have gone the other way and been extremely bloody and disturbing, but it's not that either. The story is bland and the movie is slow, but the cast is amazing. Brad Dourif plays a psychopath better than anyone and it really wouldn't surprise me if he is in fact a serial killer. Here he's teamed with one of my absolute favorite actors, who is also superb, but they're giving their all in a slow, sloppy film, that just doesn't cut it.

Emily B (ru) wrote: very interesting doc. heartbreaking to see some of the kids with lyme being interviewed. I had no idea that lyme was that much of a problem. Def learned a lot watching this doc.

Anatoly S (es) wrote: An interesting collection of stories from Hollywood writers. A variety of topics is discussed, and advice is given, but honestly this is just writers venting. And it's good. Funny even. The "advice" is just about useless since it's all over the place and basically comes down to know-your-place-and-kiss-ass-because-nobody-gives-a-shit-about-writers. Some really cool screenwriters are featured. This is NOT a documentary about screenwriting or creativity, but it's fun nonetheless. CHECK IT OUT.

Well A (jp) wrote: Por isso que adoro filmes de baixo oramento. Tudo se resume a uma direo competente e atuaes idem. Sem pirotecnia que distraia suas falhas. Notvel por prender a ateno por tanto tempo numa locao to limitada.

Ihra L (de) wrote: Jeg kunne godt bosatt meg p en grd sammen med Michael Nyqvist. No problem - men se en film om det kunne jeg ungtt.

Luke T (gb) wrote: Eminem gives a good performance and makes his film debut here as Jimmy B-Rabbit Smith Jr., who wants to start a new life and make it big as a rapper, but it may harder than it originally suggested.Eminem co-wrote the lyrics to the song 'Lose Yourself' (which plays over the end-credits, and won the Best Original Song Oscar). Brittany Murphy and Kim Basinger offer good support as Jimmy's love interest and mother respectively.The direction from Curtis Hanson is good throughout as he creates a tense atmosphere in some places, with some moments involving a child which is really not nice for any child to witness, while the script is written to a respectable standard by the director.Unsurprisingly, this movie was a huge hit at the box office. However, what lets the movie down is that it does get a little bit silly towards the end, and any songs that have bad language in them, really do not suit at all.Despite this, it is a good movie, but it is not particularly outstanding. But it is Eminem's best film role and it is easy to understand why.

Victoria G (it) wrote: I don't know WHY I like this movie so much. Maye it's because Jason Isaacs looks absolutely gorgeous... yeah, that might be it.

Private U (kr) wrote: i'm waiting to see a trailer for this movie. i love the original "Scanners" and would normally say no way to a remake, but the director did Saw II-IV and the writer did Dark City, Batman Begins, and the Dark Knight. veryintriguing.

David S (es) wrote: It's a great pedigree, but as the Ophuls movie that comments on itself most theatrically, it all ends up being a little repetitive and tidy.

Jowell V (br) wrote: low budget, la vi pq grabaron partes en vieques!!

Aaron G (br) wrote: Seriously entertaining. In a way, I feel Welles takes the piss, as it were, more than proclaiming himself as a genius--as some of these other reviews hint at. While Welles portrays Elmyr with sympathy and humor, he slips himself in there to be examined under the same lens. Now we all know Welles is no fake, but he certainly thinks trickery and even artistic left has its place, in fact, it's under rated.

Charlie D (ag) wrote: Just another Jason statham action movie. Whilst the bad guy wasn't so bad and could barely put up a fight in the end. It also left things behind in the movie that seemed important.

Lynn N (mx) wrote: Very disturbing movie. I'm all for great horror films, but this one was just not good.

Connor G (mx) wrote: Decent, but inconstant with how Superman usually fights Darkseid.

Gabriel C (de) wrote: It's a shame to see a fascinating true story get watered down by a weak script and boring characters.