Liten Ida

Liten Ida

Little Ida's mother is working for the Germans during WW2, and she is also having a relationship with a German SS-officer. Ida is experiencing the problems of having a mother who is involved with the enemy, without being old enough to understand what is actually going on.

Little Ida's mother is working for the Germans during WW2, and she is also having a relationship with a German SS-officer. Ida is experiencing the problems of having a mother who is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jennifer J (de) wrote: Very interesting movie about the other people involved with President Kennedy when he was shot...

Tara M (de) wrote: Good enough for the aeroplane but given the directors/writers it could have been so much better! A few funny lines.

Alexander H (es) wrote: While the dialogue tends to drag at times and some of the performances are underwhelming, it's the sheer exuberance of this debut -so perfectly matched to its subject matter- that raises it above its indie peers.

Alex r (ru) wrote: Son of Rambow is one of those rare movies that are purely enjoyable due to the fact that it relies on such simple ideas to create its effective, memorable and amusing plot. This is one of those films that just sucks you in right from the get go due to great characters, a fine plot and quirky humor. I wasn't expecting anything great to come out of this film, but I was pleasantly surprised. If you love these types of films, you're sure to enjoy this one, and even if you were skeptical about seeing it, I would recommend it, because it may surprise you at how good it is, just like it did with me. Acting wise, this film has a wonderful cast. Especially in the two leads. Will Poulter and Bill Milner have great on-screen chemistry and it's what make this film so wonderful. Son of Rambow has enough charm and original ideas going for it to make you want to see it again and again. Very enjoyable, fun and memorable, these types of films are what is missing in the comedy genre. I think it's wonderful how once in awhile a film like this surfaces and makes every other comedy that tries to attempt similar things fail. Brilliant, sad and funny, Son of Rambow is great filmmaking, and one of the best comedies that I have seen in quite some time due to its cast, great story and effective directing. If you come across this one, pick it up you'll be glad you did. This is far better than what most people would say about it, and there's plenty great moments to keep you interested from start to finish.

wedstarfish 8 (au) wrote: Epic Movie is yet another shot at the "parody" genre, this time taking a hit at some of the biggest movies ever made in film history. This film could have been great. This film could have been enjoyable and clever and pretty good. But Jesus CHRIST this film went way too far. Right when the opening sequence for this film was over I absolutely knew what this was going to be: A uncomfortable experience filled with awkward long lasting sequences ruined by completely unfunny pop culture references. And that's really what this entire film was. They went really far with the pop culture references this time and I mean almost every miniute a unfunny pop culture reference was just thrown out to take up running time. Slightly better than "Date Movie", this film was dissapointing because it could have been really smart and well made, but it turned out to be a horrible experience, especially since some well respected actors were in this film and these people have shown before that they can be funny and talented. But no, this film is a low budget unfunny piece of crap, don't waste your time.

Chris (gb) wrote: Of course it is funny , how can it not be funny, I laughed until I cried, at one point thought I was gonna have a heart attack i was laughing so hard, anyway yeah Git R Done ya'll

John S (ca) wrote: 8/10- Again, since im a christian i loved this movie, ANy christian will, because i brings the epic story of armaggedon into a visualy stunning adaption and a story that continues "The Omega Code", This movie is a sure pleaser to Omega Code fans.

Kyle K (ag) wrote: crap. baldwin sucks hard. fishburne does little to help. the concept is flawed and played out. dialog is just bad.

Tommy C (mx) wrote: An underrated classic.

Scott C (jp) wrote: This is the best moive ever. This the best racing movie ever.

Will B (kr) wrote: One of the best Disney films ever!

Paul D (ru) wrote: I still really enjoy watching this movie. I feel it has a lot to say about how the public treated war veterans from the Vietnam war. Stallone does a fairly decent job, but he certainly has his slurry moments. I felt like it could have dug a tad bit deeper with the themes it was exploring though. It is still a movie worth seeing at least once.

William C (ca) wrote: Rating-3.5/10Hitch, a Romantic Comedy starring Will Smith as a kind of love doctor who basically helps those less "experienced" at love and relationships. The movie itself is for me overrated, I have seen what some say about it and I just can't agree. It's a real predictable movie, seen before and really not very funny, it's not without it's heart but still, a fail in my book.Now Smith gives it a good go, he isn't the problem at all here in fact he is one of the shining lights, excellently showing off his acting side in certain and I mean certain scenes. The story is too predictable, it's kind of new I'll give it that but it really doesn't play out any different to most poor Rom-com's. The love side is a little shaky really, I felt the chemistry between those who are involved is not great, can be good but could be a lot lot better.You know I said this is a comedy but in truth, if you laugh at this then I commend you. It just isn't clinical enough and Andy Tennant the director just doesn't get enough from the cast, who could actually make this very funny if directed well. If you like the fun over the love then don't watch this, the romance is better than the humour involved so this is one that does best for the lovers.Kevin James stars alongside Smith, and so does Eva Mendes who for me doesn't do herself any good, the role doesn't work and she just feels too unbelievable in her role. James does nicely in his role, should have been funnier but still manages to be fun to see and some of his scenes(mostly with Will Smith) are some of the better times. If you want a cast who work well together this isn't it, but individually this has moments of good fun to be had by all.Now this film is fairly under-whelming, a kind of predictable cheese ball that has an air of smug(I felt the people behind this think it is much smarter than it actually turns out to be). It's a little too long at near 2 hours, kind of stretches itself and that is another reason this doesn't finish all so well. The move has it's extreme moments of clich, it has it's moments of fun too and although few laughs, when some like Smith try to be funny, you can still smile if only a little.Overall a movie I wouldn't recommend to many but could work for some, the kind of picture that wouldn't inspire me to see it all again but isn't the worst of the worst either. This is a bit of a blip for me in the career of Will Smith, in general it doesn't look like it with what I can see as the majority of critics and film viewers generally liking it but he doesn't finish this well, on that watch out for the ending scenes, the worst part of the entire movie.

Ryan M (au) wrote: One of the best football movies ever made. Period. Jon Voigt is so perfect as his role as Coach Kilmer and the surrounding cast is fantastic. 'Varsity Blues' does a great job depicting a small town who lives for football. It does a great job of demonstrating what football is like in general and the levels for the love of the game. One of the few times I can say...well done MTV, well done.

hunter i (ca) wrote: A really intrensting movie, and an intrensting mystery.