Little Birds

Little Birds

Lily and Alison face a life-changing event after they leave their Salton Sea home and follow the boys they meet back to Los Angeles.

A restless teen (Juno Temple) and her best friend (Kay Panabaker) face a life-changing event after they leave their Salton Sea home to head to Los Angeles, where she hopes to find the skateboarder (Kyle Gallner) with whom she experienced her first kiss. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maria D (ru) wrote: This documentary is the saddest, most important thing I've ever watched. Aside from all the controversy around this subject, the only word to describe being able to decide for yourself how you wish to leave this world is respect - respect for who you are, respect and acknowledgement for all you gave to this world - by giving to you, what you feel is true. It seems wrong that those who live choose by force to determine someone else's journey through death unless that's how it unfolds by circumstance. I would also suspect that only those close to death can feel God and what God wants much more profoundly than those living well and far from death's call.

Betty C (de) wrote: Wow. Such an original story. Such original characters. So unexpected. *roll eyes*

Jonah H (us) wrote: This type of movie should be banned and I hate jokes

WS W (ag) wrote: By holding cast like this on hand, can't say it wasn't disappointing at all.

Rufio S (jp) wrote: This is no Stephen Chow movie! yeah, its really really bad.

Cole H (fr) wrote: ussually I hate these kind of movies but this one I enjoyed

Dimity P (kr) wrote: Like "Welcome to the Dollhouse" I don't really know how to rate this was weird for realz and the kid actors universally sucked.Not surprised Dawn Weiner did herself in though...

Kristy S (ag) wrote: Love this movie, super cute! Plus it was filmed in my hometown...LOVE it!

Juli N (br) wrote: An urban nightmare filled with human time bomb's with very short fuses!Hate found a breeding ground in the fertile rich soils of men's heart's on both sides of the law and economic backgrounds!Gritty, raw and provocative drama at it's best! Superb performances!

Frances H (jp) wrote: Just mediocre comedy, but nice to see a very young Katherine Heigl. A better script could have made this a funnier movie.

Breanna L (kr) wrote: ...definately not one of my favorites

Tim S (au) wrote: I liked the fact that it went away from the total cliches of most sports films and thought it was interesting to see Redford play such a almost souless person whose entire existence is about going faster and ultimately winning. You can't help but think of Redford as ballsy for putting his good looking charmer clout on the line with performances like this. He is not likable in the least sense, but I enjoyed watching him and kind of understood where he was coming from even if he was being a complete asshole about it. I also loved the way the film was shot almost like a documentary and it made you feel as if you were on the slopes with him whereas now they would just prop him up in front of a green screen and call it a day. Overall, just one of those gems from the period that I don't think will ever rise again.

Jacob K (ru) wrote: Some people were born to do certain things in life. Gene Hackman was born to be a grizzled character in 70s movies. The guy he portrays, Harry Moseby, was born to be a private eye in the 50s. Unfortunately for Harry, the movie takes place in the 70s and the intentionally out-of-place hard boiled dialogue fits right in with the man who's in the wrong era and in over his head. A solid movie, Hackman turns in a great performance.

Ryan A (au) wrote: Stupid...slow...poor