Little Brother, Big Trouble: A Christmas Adventure

Little Brother, Big Trouble: A Christmas Adventure

Niko's mother gets re-married and his task is taking care of his little step brother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kim L (jp) wrote: Kim whitley, kevin hart & mike epps are funny.....everything else ehhhh

Jon M (br) wrote: All the actresses did well in their roles. Sorbo and Henriksen not so much. Interesting twist on a western but the scenery and sets were unconvincing. Low budget to say the least.

Gena D (ru) wrote: Enjoyable. Very linear.

Alexander C (es) wrote: Worth watching would like to see and study.

Giovanni M (fr) wrote: Entertaining to a certain degree but too undercooked to be entertainment, Reese Witherspoon gives the only decent performance in this bland and sterile melodrama.

Ida K (nl) wrote: Amy was wrong for what she did but I still belileve her over that pig Joey Buttafucco.

Codie E (nl) wrote: Unique and bizarre. And not in the prentious way that David Lynch or Godard often do, as it's build from the characters and not the aesthetic. I can't say I entirely engaged with it, but did find it entertaining and admirable.

Barton F (au) wrote: interesting sets but rather bleak

Clment G (kr) wrote: Marchant sur les traces de la "Love Story" d'Arthur Hiller sortie trois ans plus tot, Paul Verhoeven en dynamise le schema en y introduisant ses obsessions (meurtes brutaux, sexe sauvage, maladie degenerente, excrements en tout genre). Son film est libre, plein de vie (car meme la maladie et la mort font partie de la vie) et d'energie communicative. Parfaitement assiste par son chef-operateur Jan de Bont, le cineaste signe un film provocateur mais maitrise, un film essentiel de sa periode neerlandaise. Force est de constater qu'en cedant aux sirenes hollywoodiennes, le Hollandais a du s'assagir en livrant de la violence esthetisante ("Robocop", "Total Recall") ou de la sexualite glacee ("Basic Instinct") jusque la absentes de son cinema. Rutger Hauer est hallucinant de beaute borderline.

Timothy J (mx) wrote: A decent revenge western.

Jarret S (br) wrote: I thought I just said Elvis could go fuck himself?!

Phil H (mx) wrote: Sounds juicy huh, the poster helps with a full length image of female character Nyah (Patricia Laffan) in an all black, skin tight catsuit, rawr! Laffan actually wears a black mini skirt and black stockings in the movie, so no catsuit. Better or worse? Hmmm...its all good.OK back to Earth with a bump. The plot for this movie is clearly from the mind of a (possibly horny) male. Nyah of Mars lands on Earth for one sole purpose, she is looking for youthful, strong males to take back to Mars in order to boost the planets dying male population. Why are the men dying on Mars? Possibly from being fucked to death by dominant girls like Nyah? (oh my!). No, there was a battle of the sexes and somehow the women won. This also led to all males on Mars becoming impotent, why? Possibly from having their balls crushed underfoot by the dominant ladies? Perhaps, I don't really know, but these sexy space ladies go around dressed in these ultra dominant, ultra sexy looking outfits. I guess I could cope with that. Although Nyah isn't specifically on Earth for sex slaves, that's immediately what springs to mind because you just can't help it. And straight away the movies plot is totally compromised because you don't care about the humans or their problems, you just wanna go with Nyah back to Mars to be her personal doormat. K, back from the bathroom, had to splash some cold water on my loins. Right so Nyah lands in the remote Scottish Moors and comes across an inn with various occupants. Each occupant has a different story behind them which is completely and utterly of no interest believe me. Nyah must decide which human to take back to Mars and what to do with the rest, and that's pretty much it.So straight away, why doesn't Nyah lift off and go elsewhere with more humans to choose from? This inn is owned by an elderly Scottish couple (one of whom is played by [i]Dad's Army[/i] star John Laurie) who are of no use, and various other random people of various ages. Of course the women are of no use so that's three people out, this leaves Nyah with little choice really. A loud mouth American, an elderly professor (always a professor), a child, a convict and a hunchback. Slim pickings right there, maybe fly to a bigger town Nyah? Oh and she kills the hunchback with her sex ray...I mean ray gun! So that pretty much leaves her with only two men to choose from, oh man the tension!In general this movie plays out in a very simplistic manner, and it goes like this. Nyah enters the inn and jabbers on about how powerful she and her race are and how she will do as she pleases. The scared locals look and listen intently and then when Nyah leaves they discuss what to do. Then Nyah will come back into the inn sometime later and pretty much do the same thing again, the locals listen and then when she leaves they continue with their chatter about what to do and various other mundane side plot issues of relationships and whatnot. Then Nyah will enter the inn again, but this time she might take someone back to her ship to show them around or show them her personal killer robot. Then said person or persons will go back to the inn and talk about what happened and so forth.Honesty this is the most boring sci-fi thriller I think I've ever seen. All the people in the inn are dull as dishwater and they literally don't do anything of interest throughout the entire movie. The only tiny bits of interest involve Chani the robot (pre-Robbie the Robot!) who shuffles around and disintegrates things, and the part where Nyah zaps the hunchback with a grin on her sexy face. Other than that the whole thing looks and plays out like some amateur theatrical production. Although, credit where credits due, the space ship model effects were quite good, ditto the space ship set which was pretty big. Chani the robot was basic but reasonable as was the ray gun effects. But the finale explosion for the alien craft was one of the best explosions I've seen in these early films. It looks like they shot a small sequence with clouds of smoke expanding, or possibly a liquid.There are many problems with this movie, the fact that nothing actually happens, there are set ups that don't go anywhere (Chani the robot), the fact that Nyah lands intent on grabbing a male but spends [b]so[/b] long in doing so and merely walks back and forth between her ship and the inn. It all seems so pointless really, after everything has played out Nyah finally decides to take one male back with her only for that male to (somehow) sabotage her ship and its blows up. What a waste of bloody time! Presumably the political message here (for the time) was focusing on gender equality, but I'm not really sure that comes across as it feels more like a male fantasy to be honest (outfit much?). The movies title and poster are misleading, as per usual, as they both lure you in with promises of cheap thrills. I suspect back in 54 Nyah's outfit probably was a thrill (it ain't too bad now) but that simply can't bail this stale offering out.

Raelene S (ca) wrote: Found this in a bargain bin for $5 and it's brilliant

Thomas B (nl) wrote: And you thought the Social Network was fast. Full review later.

Chris O (nl) wrote: You know the movie they talk about in The Player? The one with no big names and no happy ending. This is it. And it's depressing as hell.

Grant W (de) wrote: This is a fantastic movie. Kurt Russell is perpetually stuck in a movie that he does not want to be in. All he wanted to do was drive his friend to the airport and get some money from a bet he won but then suddenly gets stuck in a kung fu B movie for the rest of the film. He then loses his truck to a Kung Fu street gang and for the rest of the film all Kurt Russell wants is to get his truck back but he cant because the Kung Fu movie wont let him leave.While some may dislike the movie because they basically don't explain anything, in my opinion that is what makes it great. If you view it as you are Kurt Russell's character who like you doesnt know what is happening then it is hilarious. Things will happen and the movie will then just continue on like nothing happened even though Kurt Russell is furiously trying to figure out what is happening, and failing to do so. If you're looking for a movie that is funny because of the situations rather than jokes this is the movie to watch.

Olli G (fr) wrote: Some amusing visual effects and fight scenes cannot save this shambolic mess from its own silliness.

Andy C (br) wrote: All of the actions in this film are inexplicable and the horror is worthless.

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