Little Caesar

Little Caesar

A small-time hood shoots his way to the top, but how long can he stay there?

While ambitious small-time hood Rico makes a name for himself in the underworld, his buddy Joe decides to leave the life of crime and ventures into show business, where he meets the lovely dancer Olga. When Rico orders Joe to leave his mistress, she takes a serious decision. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Little Caesar torrent reviews

Rawballs B (de) wrote: Cute enough because of the two witch actresses... and i was entertained...

Larry Y (it) wrote: putting this on the watchlist because Joe Bob Briggs recommended it

Bridgette F (fr) wrote: loved it!!!!!too hot

Wahida K (au) wrote: Awesome Comedy of 90`s from Bollywood Factory.

Adrin M (au) wrote: Poor screenplay... Most of the time I was thinking "what the fuck am I watching ?" Maybe I'm stupid but I didn't understand much of it. Teh, as if there was anything to understand.Good colours and costumes though. Music okay. But this was a waste of time more than anything. Sad.

Cody W (us) wrote: An amazing movie. Good music and shows it's never too late to chase your dreams.

Max T (gb) wrote: If I want to watch a sequence of crappy music videos I'll just stick with MTV

Jonny X (it) wrote: WTF? Hahahahah a remake of the 7 Samurai's with U.S. Mercenaries? LMAO! This I got to see

Stefanie R (de) wrote: Sweet love story with delightful musical numbers performed by two of the greatest actors singers dancers of their time... Judy Garland and Fred Astaire. Lovely Movie!!!!!

Gary S (br) wrote: Magical experience of a film. Felt like I wanted to clap. Be more amazing if you was able to watch this live.

Jason G (au) wrote: Inert. The female lead (Garai) has the interesting quality of appearing to be on the verge of crying at all times.

Katrina F (jp) wrote: how do we watch it??????

Solo Y (de) wrote: Ice-T cant act and we all know that by now, but then he was a hot new rapper turned actor. Wesley Snipes plays Nino Brown and nails it. The them of the movies is good, even though the clothes are all out of a Color Me Badd video.