Little Children

Little Children

The lives of two lovelorn spouses from separate marriages, a registered sex offender, and a disgraced ex-police officer intersect as they struggle to resist their vulnerabilities and temptations.

In a suburban town full of perfect parents devoted to rearing their children for Harvard futures, a stay-at-home mom has an affair with an ex-jock, stay-at-home dad who rebels against his wife's wishes that he become a big-bucks lawyer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Little Children torrent reviews

Devon W (mx) wrote: Predictable yet entertaining movie reminiscent of a Giallo

Mark F (jp) wrote: I thought the Hermit character was cool until he started talking. Quite the twist at the end though. More Chariot outbursts would have been awesome and the ending videos were cool.

Heather M (ca) wrote: I am not going to be watching this one.

Lauren S (gb) wrote: A fun premise! Plus, the early 2000s nostalgia factor.

Canem C (us) wrote: intersection of totally different people, good stories; although racism and fanaticism are ahead, there are also nice people in this world...

Donna F (au) wrote: It's just a little movie that I love to watch over and over. I adore Kevin Kline--"I like you. But I don't like the way you say with your face all scrunched up, 'you're French, aren't you?' And then I don't like how you say, with your eyes all squinty, 'all men are bastards.'"

Derrick C (jp) wrote: One of my favorite films from a theoritcal approach.

Vinny M (mx) wrote: great of my favs

Edward D (ru) wrote: *SPOILER* The entire movie is like a bad soft porn except for the last 7 minuets. Yeah still not impressed. I would have gave this no stars but seeing all the boobs made me happy, so it deserves at least a star for that. No gore, no good story. Just boobs, boobs, and boobs. But I walked in knowing it was going to be a bad movie and I got a bad movie. So I am not 100% disappointed. If you are looking for a old '70's movies with nothing but boobs and one "Real" killing at the end. Not gory at all. BOOBS!

Maximilien K (us) wrote: Quelques super chansons, deux scnes de ballet fabuleuses, de jolis costumes, de bons acteurs / chanteurs. Certes c'est un peu... kitsch, mais c'est un trs bon moyen de d (C)couvrir une com (C)die musicale au livret fort int (C)ressant.

Mike D (au) wrote: I was actually enjoying the first half of "1969," but in the last thirty minutes things quickly get too lame to handle- all leading up to an ending that is absolutely hilarious, though it isn't supposed to be. I'm pretty sure the scene I'm referring to inspired the riot scene from "Hot Rod."

Samantha S (kr) wrote: Very cute, sweet movie about teenagers in Glasgow in the early 80s. Almost a time capsule of innocence now. Yes, that's Clare Grogan for all you Red Dwarf fans - the original Christine Kochanski.