Little Criminals

Little Criminals

Des is an eleven year old kid who has had a really bad deal in life. Crime and mischief are the main staples of his life and he and his friends cruise around the city and do things like vandalize, steal, light fires, and mug people. He thinks that he is untouchable because he cannot be charged until he is twelve. Cory becomes Des' best friend and they carry on like nothing can stop them; however, Des ends up at an assessment centre for troubled youths and may begin a new life without crime.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:120 minutes
  • Release:1995
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fire,   suicide,   boy,  

Des is an eleven year old kid who has had a really bad deal in life. Crime and mischief are the main staples of his life and he and his friends cruise around the city and do things like ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chad D (ag) wrote: i swear i was on this team one year in greensboro.

Nadine M (es) wrote: Great performance from Marion Cottilard

Jacob G (jp) wrote: Rather silly movie with poor acting and a cliche plot. The sort of thing that will pass as entertainment on the Sci-Fi channel on a Sunday morning... but not much else. At least the girl is beautiful. Her supposed love interest is so normal and idiotic it is impossible to root for it. Oh, and the faux-religious posteurings are largely ridiculous.

matt s (es) wrote: What a sham! I thought this movie was going to be like hardcore and shit...Just kidding, wankers. Nice little documentary. Best part: the paranoia of those days. I love watching the old footage of interviews where the porn "actors" are defending themselves and the government officials are lauding about their morals. However, the best interview was this guy Lenny Crab or something. The guy is hilarious. Every time he's asked about something be it the actors, directors, locations, he answers, "Oh yeah, it's shit." I love that dude. Be warned though, it's about porn. Oh well, you're an adult.The downside to a movie like this is that we might as well legitamize films like Crank and shit like that and do docs about Sly Stallone's late career violence boner. Deep Throat is what it is -a movie to get your rocks off. Sure, it made lots of money and the government went apeshit, butttttt, I just don't think it warrants a $5 million doc from Brian Grazer. Maybe just a Behind the Music special.

Joe J (gb) wrote: There is a phone number you can call to find out your future, but it comes with a deadly price. After Spike (Patrick O'Bryan) tries it, he inadvertently lures his naive young cousin Hoax (Stephen Geoffreys) in, with deadly consequences. Hoax becomes transfixed on the phone and slowly turns into something deadly, and it's up to Spike and a local detective to stop it before Hoax is gone forever.This was the directorial debut of Robert Englund (the original - and best - Freddy Krueger), and it's campy 80s horror at its finest, which isn't saying much in this case. There's no real backstory as to where the phone number came from or how it works, and the acting is downright horrible. But it's got that campy feel to it, so it's somewhat enjoyable, but nothing spectacular.


Dan K (es) wrote: One of the worst, yet greatest, movies ever. I can laugh at just the mention of this movie.

Blake P (ag) wrote: "Boccaccio '70" is probably one of the best Italian movies I've seen. I think it's crazy that some others reviewing this can not like it! Can it get any better? You get excellent directors, wonderful actors for crying out loud! I think its funny this one isn't considered a classic. The episodes consist of "Renzo e Luciana", directed by Mario Monicelli and stars Marisa Solinas, which is the story of a newlyweds who are struggling. "R & L" is the weakest of the bunch, and was deleted from the original cut in the U.S and was only shown in Italy. The next is "Le tentazioni del dottor Antonio" directed by Federico Fellini and stars Peppino de Filipo Filippo and Anita Ekberg. This was my most favorite of all of the episodes, not just because it cracked me up, but it was the most unique idea. It's about an old man sick of sex in society, and when a billboard of the provocative Ekberg advertising to "Drink More Milk" it drives him crazy. Third is "Il lavoro" directed by Luchino Visconti and stars Romy Schneider, as an aristocratic housewife dealing with the scandal of her famous husband being seen with a hooker. Schneider gives the best performance of all and could have earned an Oscar nod for her work. She's tough-talking but vulnerable, and you learn so much about her and her husband's characters throughout the story. "La riffa" is directed by Vittorio de Sica and stars Sophia Loren as the trampy carnival worker who puts out a raffle (for money) to have a guy get a chance to meet her. Loren is fun and charming and is very entertaining to see on screen. This tied with "LtddA" for me.. "Boccaccio '70" is a great foreign movie!

Norma G (au) wrote: This was a puppet movie. A -puppet- movie. I was loathe to press "ok."I threw this movie on for background noise and I found myself being distracted by it. I really couldn't help but pay attention...and I got caught up in the story.I have to say that this is probably the best "scary puppet" movie I've seen for...decades? I was shocked when I found myself in moments of dread. The direction and cinematography were incredible--not so much because they were sweeping and gorgeous, but because the subtle timing and choice managed to make my heart rate elevate at something so stupid it was hard to believe.It would have made no difference if it were a movie about a haunted carrot--these guys did a good job, and should be commended.

Ben S (es) wrote: Amazing. Made me laugh, made me cry (more so the latter)

MJ C (ca) wrote: This last film directed by John Huston is based on the James Joyce short story of the same name. For my money it is better than the story (You won't often hear me saying that.) with it's slow, sad unfolding of a tale of love and loss. Each performance is a little gem, each moment filled with meaning.

Ian R (jp) wrote: This might be the trashiest movie ever. The plot is simply old dudes want to sleep with young girls and hire a surfer to help. Tonnes of nudity and zero conflict, but there's lots of partying and boobs so if you want sex comedy antics this is amazing!