Little Dead Rotting Hood

Little Dead Rotting Hood

The residents of a small town discover that something more sinister than killer wolves is lurking in the backwoods: first the wolves start turning up dead...then people.

Killer wolves attack the residents of a town after the mysterious old woman who kept them at bay in the forest dies, but soon the townsfolk discover that something more sinister than killer wolves is lurking in the backwoods. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Quan K (gb) wrote: very informative! loved it.

Francisco S (it) wrote: There are a lot of suspenseful movies in cinema's industry, and this isn't one of that movies. This is just a not original and predictable movie that has a lot of cliches and which end so bad that we will ask ourselves for our how was our sanity when we choose watch this horrible, poorly acted and with a bad screenplay movie.

Gregory W (jp) wrote: very low budget but what can i say i really liked this B-movie.

Sirisha S (kr) wrote: i did NOT like that movie......sad, and scary, the songs were better than the movie.

Sam O (de) wrote: My favourite film of all time; the acting was great and it was hilarious

Matthew S (us) wrote: Who could have ever imagined someone forming a film from the writings and life of William S. Burroughs? But Cronenberg did it. And he did it masterfully. There is so much going on in this surrealistic "adaptation" that it is almost impossible to describe. Thus far, in my opinion, this is David Cronenberg's finest hour as a filmmaker. Cinematic masterpiece.

Mark H (gb) wrote: You know, I get up in the morning and I go to work. I go to the same bar each night and drink the same beer. I laugh, I talk. But when I saw Santos on tv, I got jealous. Because, he was doing what he did best.

Eric J (nl) wrote: Its Not Really A Thriller At All But A Character Study Following Two Men And One Woman Through A Very Dull And Dark Passage Of An Almost Like Con Game That Turns Out To Be Nothing In The End And It Tries To Hard With Its Story In The Depth Of What This Romance Movie Is And Where It Will Go From One Stand Of Story To Another,This Isn't A Thriller At All But A Romance Movie With A Silly Hardness To It That Never Becomes Anything Or Inspires Greatness Through The Film, I Found The Film Empty And Out Of Place And Very Out Of Line Not Making Much Sense As Well. "Two Thumbs Down".

Guy G (us) wrote: [80/B] After four low-rent criminals hole up with their kidnapped victim in a French seaside village, things start to unravel as foibles rise to the surface in the boredom and tension. Eventually, from the very midst of their unpromising plan, a more wicked scheme begins to close its grasp upon them. This is a quiet, low-key, modestly scaled crime drama that gathers its momentum from the stark realizations of the cast within their dreamlike surroundings. In the manner of many 60s films, it evokes luminosity and ambiguity all at once. Moreno is excellent, and Boone wonderfully creepy, while Brando delivers a very honest and gripping performance, refreshingly devoid of frills or tricks. The film's less than winning title may actually offer a clue to the enigmatic, if excessive, ending. Or not. But well worth watching for those who appreciate restraint and minimalism.

Jennie W (ag) wrote: Nice film to watch on a rainy afternoon.