Little Fugitive

Little Fugitive

Joey Norton, seven years old, lives with his older brother Lennie in a lower middle class neighborhood of Brooklyn. Joey is too small to be taken seriously by Lennie and Lennie's friends. One day, while their mother is away visiting her sick mother, Lennie and his friends play a joke on Joey. They stage an incident so that Joey thinks he has shot and killed his brother. Francois Truffault credits this classic with inspiring the French New Wave.

Joey, a bratty 7-year-old kid fears that he shot his older brother, who is only pretending. Joey then runs away to Coney Island, a crowded beach area, and gets money by returning soda bottles for their deposits. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amy H (mx) wrote: This is one, if not the, best documentary I have ever seen. I loved it. I learned a lot.

Hestand C (us) wrote: never seen this bud ed Norton is an awesome actor if he is in any movie its definately a good one

Matt G (jp) wrote: an amazing movie about the people on the plane and the people in the control rooms on that day.

Aloysius K (ca) wrote: Kind of sucked but good to make fun of drunk.

Michael C (es) wrote: Black brings his pessimistic view of all things political and cultural, and shows why he is one of the best topical comics working today once again.

Tom H (kr) wrote: Full of cliches and talented people

Nathan C (it) wrote: as sequels go, pretty good

Harry G (es) wrote: Passable German comedy that was already heavily dated when I saw it in 2007.

Luc L (br) wrote: This is a very strange movie that manages to be visually impressive, superbly acted, over the top, it has very dark humour and quite serious at times. It taken me awhile to watch this movie, i finally watched it and i was quite entertained with the feature most of the time. The cast is excellent here, especially Lennix is a strong terrific supporting performance. The cinematography, production designs and costumes are first-rate. The movie could be quite slow at times, the movie had an odd futuristic look also. It is like the director wanted to be respectful the old age peroid of the dialogue and yet the movie has an bizarre modern look. Always the feature makes you forget at times, it is supposed to be in an alternative look of modern society. Which the movie can be seen as a satire of violent society. For some reason, it reminded me of "Pink Floyd's The Wall" at times. Taymor is certainly an visual storytelling. The music score by Elliot Goldenthal (Alien 3, Demolition Man, Interview with a Vampire) is outstanding. "Titus" is certainly not for all tastes but it is certainly different than most movies have to offer these days. "Titus" did manage have an cult following over the years, since it had a limited disturbution in theaters. It must have been something to see this at the big screen but it plays safer on DVD.

Little D (mx) wrote: This film is the perfect combination of horror, comedy, and musical. If you are not a fan of '70s music and/or movies, then you might have trouble getting into this one because it has a very '70s look and sound to it. But even so, you should still give it a shot.

Walter M (br) wrote: "Salvatore Giuliano" starts on July 5, 1950, just after Salvatore Giuliano(Pietro Cammarata) has been murdered. There is differing testimony from the eyewitnesses that not only contradicts the police account but each other. Five years previously, in the wake of the end of World War II, Sicily is on the verge of proclaiming its independence.(I had never heard of this before but it makes sense considering the cultural differences between Sicily and the mainland.) The leaders of the indpendence movement enlist bandits to the cause, giving Giuliano a field commission of colonel and a provisional amnesty. "Salvatore Giuliano" is for the most part a riveting docudrama about the legendary independence fighter and bandit, the movie spending a good deal of thought wondering about the difference between the two. Throughout, Giuliano is protrayed as a shadowy figure, mostly known by his distinctive white duster as the police and army try more restrictive methods with each successful strike in order to try and stop him and his bandits which in turn just alienates the native populace. And director Francesco Rosi shows a fine touch with the natural locations and crowd scenes. However, the movie almost falls apart at the end due to a marathon court session that instead of resolving the central mystery, just manages to confuse things even further.

Ruthann G (jp) wrote: I rarely go to the movies, much less review them. But I just returned from one of the limited showings of "Field of Lost Shoes." Having participated in reenactments of the Battle of New Market, I was interested in this film account of the VMI cadets who fought for the Confederacy. I'm glad I saw the movie but I don't know why. Maybe because I like American history, and it was filmed at a place I have been as a reenactor. The pageantry of the footage of modern day VMI on parade was the best part of the film. The story was disjointed with huge gaps in story line and acting that was reminiscent of a middle school play, with apologies to middle school drama clubs. I could not buy the character played by the same young actor who plays Luke on Modern Family. His character did not make sense and I couldn't buy him in another role. Typecast so young, but a VMI cadet he was not. If I was younger I would be crushing on some of those cadet actors like I used to crush on Patrick Swayze back during North and South. I might have been able to connect to the characters if they had shown actual photos of the 1864 VMI cadets. The reenactors looked really good, and by that I mean there was a noticeable and welcome absence of old, fat reenactors usually seen as film extras or at the local Civil War living history encampment. The women's garb was pretty good, in that when I looked at the slightly sheer bodice on the young girl, I could see what looked like a chemise sleeve underneath so points for that. If the film comes to a theatre near you, go ahead and see it. Ignore the disjointed story line, mediocre acting and cameos by B list actors (maybe a few A listers but not memorable ones). Especially if you are a teenage girl. You will love the boys in uniform, except Luke Dunphy, of course.