Little Heroes

Little Heroes

A girl's heroic spirit and her faithful dog's phenomenal courage join to perform an impossible rescue! Snubbed by her small-town neighbors, Charley Wilson and her German shepherd Fuzz, meet a true friend in Alonzo - a gruff old farmer who admires Charley and Fuzz for their funny antics and sense of real adventure. When Alonzo finds himself in big trouble that threatens his very life, it's girl and dog to the rescue! Charley and Fuzz help the entire town see how prejudice hurts everybody, as they prove that miracles-the heroes-come in all sizes.

Four kids set on a rescue mission after one of them, gifted with an especially good ear, discerns distant cries for help while returning from a field trip. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris M (fr) wrote: Carter deserved it. THANK YOU KANE!

Richard D (kr) wrote: An amiable and somewhat odd film from Ken Loach. It starts as a comedy about a shiftless young goon who has to turn his life around due to having fathered a child. He discovers an interest in fine whiskey and turns out to have quite a refined palate. It then turns into a heist film, which doesn't sit too comfortably with the first half. It pretty much turns into a "redemption through stealing" story, which is decidedly odd.

Tom C (au) wrote: A disaster, which shows the importance of having a good director!

Kevin S (ru) wrote: Absorbing film and has a great twist

Scott W (es) wrote: Gets off to a good start but it's one of those films with a "twist" that's not a twist. It's predictable and thus, kinda boring.

Jason M (it) wrote: It's like Ozu meets Altman in this delicious hyperlink movie with lots of interesting characters and themes. One of the top ten movies of 00's.

Erin D (br) wrote: largely enjoyable and harmless, it's a feel good movie without much substance.

Brandon S (mx) wrote: Extremely bad horror film from the 80's, but it is very entertaining due to it's shortcomings. A group of crazies (samurai zombie, Nazi biker zombie, hangman zombie, doctor zombie, ax murderer zombie, caveman zombie, s&m zombie, and what the hell cycloptic dinosaur zombie) seem to be living in the golden gate bridge and coming out at night to kill people. That's as close to a plot that I can conceive, never is the viewer given any reasons for the mayhem on screen. Sounds so bad it's actually great and features music to match the nonsense.

Jeff H (us) wrote: One of the great if not the greatest coming of age films of all time. That being said this Film is ageless in its attraction!

drew k (gb) wrote: Harris in this is awesome. Nobody knew who he was yet. I'd put it right up with Brando in Streetcar. Visceral, brutal, vulnerable and honest.

Rickey S (jp) wrote: "cliched script" ? hahahahaha. I won't apologize for the US's military kicking ass, even if my current President thinks that's the way to go. I'm pretty sure I'm going to watch this movie on Veterans day , every year, for the rest of my life.

Michael W (us) wrote: Young man carries his deformed brother in a basket to NY to avenge the doctors who separated them in a clandestine operation. One of the great horrors on a shoestring budget. Best scenes are the flashback and claymation scenes. Visitors to NYC should seek affordable accomodations at the Broslin Hotel.

Britney C (de) wrote: I will NEVER understand why critics rated this so low. It has almost five stars on Netflix and 7/10 on IMDB. I LOVED this movie!!!! Watch it - you won't regret it.

Greg H (ca) wrote: Yet another icon done a great disservice by a bad film.

Sean S (ru) wrote: Beautiful period piece but it runs too slow even for my taste and even the sumptuous Eva Green cannot save it. The story becomes a bit obvious for a psy thriller by the half way point and then you spend the rest of the movie just waiting on the obvious result.